Bash the Bad Guys

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Featuring Bob Basher
(Bash the Bad Guys) and
Nibiru Ned (Planet X - Nibiru Arrival)
We have just added a new Facebook Page entitled Truth on Target. Stay tuned as we start to populate that page and this site with more info.
Welcome to Bash the Bad Guys!
This website covers a variety of topics in which bad actors, Govt's, or bad events are causing trouble for our society. We endeavor to identify and expose them so that everyone can see. This is not a site to view happy stuff. You can easily find that elsewhere. This site deals with reality.

Bob Basher Videos

Nibiru Ned Videos
The Video links above include videos made by Bob Basher and Ned Nibiru. The sections below include videos, articles, and other interesting information concerning the topic listed. These are from 3rd parties who have important observations concerning these topics and we recommend that you check them out.
Both Bob and Ned will be providing more content on this site in the very near future.
In the meantime, please review all of our videos. Plus check the content in the main menu which runs across the top of each page as well as our Blog (for current updates).

Bob Basher & Nibiru Ned
Be sure to read our Blog

If you are doing the wrong things and hurting people, animals,
or the planet, we will expose you.
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