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9/11 Bad Guys Win List

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A partial list of wins that the Bad Guys got from the 9/11 crime is as follows:

  • Blamed Bin Laden for the attack and launched the Afghanistan War

  • Implicated Sadamn Hussein and started to push for the Iraq war (was already being planned)

  • Destroyed all legal case information for a variety of high profile IPO and other cases that the SEC was conducting

  • Destroyed all data (and killed the auditors) concerning the missing $2.6 Trillion at the Pentagon

  • "Rescued" all/some of the gold bullion from the WTC bank vaults before the collapses (wow, that was really fast work, could this have been done in advance?)

  • Gave justification for the creation of Dept. of Homeland Security and the re-organization of the other agencies

  • Gave Bush a purpose for being president (he was doing nothing for the first 8 months and now he had a new role)

  • Helped Bush's re-election chances for 2004

  • Helped Larry Silverstein knock down the aging WTC which were in need of refurbishment and allowed him to make billions from the insurance companies on a relatively small investment just 2 months before.

  • Paid the Mossad for their expert explosives help with Insider Trading investment proceeds

  • Gave Rumsfeld the wars that he wanted and hid his "lost $2.6 trillion" problem forever

  • Gave Cheney the oppotrunity to enrich his prior company, Halliburton plus all of the other associated military industrialists that would benefit from 2 wars (these guys were starving for a new military conflict - like addicts waiting for their next "fix")

If you have any other wins, please drop me an email with the details - click here

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