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Aaron Swartz

Good Guys
Many people have never heard of Aaaron Swartz. I know that I had only heard about him related to the Internet and hacking, etc.
I just didn't know anything about him in detail.

Then I stumbled across this documentary about this young kid and I was immediately drawn in. By the time I finished watching the video, I was very moved by what this man had accomplished for us all. 

As usual, I was very disappointed by the actions of the US Govt. in how it treated Aaron. Was it some out-of-cntri prosecutor trying ti make a name for himself or was it a strategy or goal of the justice department and the administration? I don't know, but waht I do know now, is that Aaron was a hero and the US Govt. was the villain (once again).

I highly recommend  watching this 1 hr. & 45 min. documentary. If for no other reason than to see how courageous this young man was against the evil US Empire.


If you are doing the wrong things and hurting people, animals,
or the planet, we will expose you.
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