Bob's Update 7-2017 - Bash the Bad Guys

Bash the Bad Guys
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Bob's Update 7-2017

Major Events > 9-11 Crimes
To my readers:
I have been working, along with Nibiru Ned, for the past few years on Geoengineering and Planet X issues and had gotten away from 9-11. Although I did attend a symposium in NYC for the 15th anniversary of 9-11 in Sept. 2016 which was excellent, I have not focused as much as I usually had on 9-11 issues.

But as the years have rolled on since 9-11, I notice that the entire event has become blurry for many people. Not for die-hards like myself, of course, as we will never rest until these crimes become fully exposed and the perpetrators are convicted. Nevertheless, we have had a new generation of Americans grow up since that day. That generation never saw the toppling of the towers on TV like we did on 9-11. They will never really know much about it unless they dig for the information.

Some of the older criminals that were part of these crimes have either passed on or are getting closer to their deaths. They will go to their graves with the knowledge that they participated in the murder of so many on that day and many more in the years afterward. I sincerely hope that their last thoughts before they pass are of that terrible day.
Update: See our blog issue dated July 16 2017 which tells of an ex-CIA agent who gave a death bed confession to installing bombs in Blg 7.

For those that are stil alive and which we can idenify and prosecute, they should never rest easy. As more and more information comes out, some of these criminals will be identified and they will be hunted down. They will forever be looking over their backs to see who is coming after them, maybe not physically, but virtually on the Internet where researchers continue to gather data about 9-11. We will get lucky some day and one or more whistleblowers will come forward and divulge what they know about 9-11.

So please hang in there and don't give up. There are millions of researchers working on these crimes. Even though they have threatened and /or killed many witnesses already, they can never get them all. We will get lucky and the capabilities of our research techniques will improve. So, Dick Cheney, watch out because we are especially coming after you.

Bob Basher
July 9, 2017
We will never forget!
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