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Boston Bombing

Bad Guys > Police & Military > FBI, CIA, Secret Service > FBI

Boston Bombing - another false flag that has resulted in the murder of innocent American civilians.

It turned out that the Boston Globe had tweeted on their twitter account there would be a controlled explosion drill right across from the Boston Library within 1 minute of when it actually occurred on April 15, 2013.

The Boston Globe has now removed those tweets from their history. This seems like a pattern now where the govt pressures others to remove certain web based info when it implicates them. Sounds like 1984.

The Feds and the Boston Police were running a drill on 4-15 and they used the patsys to blame the real bombing on even though it was the FBI and the Boston Police who did it! OUTRAGEOUS!

They murdered and maimed our citizens - again!

We have to shut these operations down or they will kill more people in this country.

Once again, there is a lot of evidence that the FBI and other authorities were involved in setting this up and running it. Then they ran down the
Tsarnaev brothers and killed one and tried to kill the other with a literal ARMY of military and police personnel. They did not want the younger brother to get to a "sanctuary" location where he could "talk."

So now after putting him in seclusion and prison where he has little if any contact with any non-police personnel and where they may be subjecting him to brainwashing and other drugging activities, it is questionable that we will ever learn the truth. Plus, keep in mind they murdered a key associate of the younger
Tsarnaev brother as well as some of the other FBI agents that were involved in the case.

The Tsarnaev brothers were set up. They may have been told that they were part of the exercise for the bombing drill that day except that the bags that they were given had real explosives inside. Hopefully, we will learn from the surviving brother that they were, indeed, a part of that drill that the FBI was running that day. Of course, you would never know that from the FBI who never brought the drills up at all.

This is like living in post-WWII Soviet Union with the KGB agents. Except they are our own FBI!

The FBI doesn't do anything without being told what to do, however.  That means someone else is directing these illegal activities through the FBI.

Who is directing the FBI to break the law and commit these murders ?????? (9-11, Boston Bombing, TWA Flight 800, WTC 1993, etc.)? Whoever it is, they must be stopped and the FBI must be disbanded (or restructured) after they are prosecuted.



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