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The British and the Americans are generally joined at the hip when it come to international isues especially effecting Oil and War.

In 9-11 the Prime Minister of Engand, Tony Blair, was often times accused of being a "lieutenant" of George Bush. As it turns out, Tony did quite well for himself as a result of the relationship with Bush and 9-11. So well, he is being investigated by  a fellow Brit, Sir John Chilcot.

Review this link for more info

Also, George Galloway, a Scottish MP, is making a documentary/movie entitlewsd: The Killing of Tony Blair. Check this link for more info.

The British people are upset with Tony Blair for getting them in the Iraq war and lying to them about the circumstances for the war. Ultimatyely, Tony will get his when these other Brits are succesful at exposing him and investigating him.
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