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Child Rapes & DUIs in North Carolina

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The number of crimes committed by illegal Aliens will shock you.

The number of DUI cases, child rapes and other sex crimes are out of control.

The data presented in this section has been collected by  Link

The NCFIRE group has done a great job of collecting this otherwise obscure and transparent info. It is not being reported by the Lamestream Press. This group is trying to point out exactly how the illegal alien situation has impacted and harmed all of us as result of higher costs, jammed courtrooms, serious criminal activity, and many oher negative factors that are being ignored by both our government and citizenry. The Press, once again, has failed to tell this story and to help us all better understand the seriousness of the situation.

Just look at the number of child rapes and DUIs  

This info is for North Carolina alone. Can you imagine what the national statistics are for child rapes committed by Illegal Aliens?

2,900 charges (crimes) committed by approximately 700 suspected illegal aliens from November 2013 - August 2014

That is an average of 290 sexual crimes per month perfomed by an average of 70 criminals every month across North Carolina.


This table lists all of the DUIs across the USA in 2013. Comparing that number to the NC data above, it would appear that the percentage of illegal aliens is equal to 90+ percent of the total DUIs in that state

We will check to see if there is other info that is collected nationally on this illegal alien crime wave.

In the meantime, you can analyze the NC data by visiting the website

This site lists national DUI rates by state for 2013.

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