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Most Likely Suspect Information (why they are on the MLS Card Set list)
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Ace Clubs


The "A" team. This project was too big and important for the FBI alone to handle, so the CIA had to be the number 1 intelligence group involved in this crime. Their extensive global reach and Worldy knowledge of the various players was key. Don't know exactly what they did or did not do but they were involved for sure.

King Clubs


The "B" team. There certainly was plenty of work to go around prior to and after 9/11. The FBI was involved with the Jewish art students, the "terrorists" that supposedly flew the planes, the planting of evidence after the crashes, the modification of the data on the flight data recorders, the collection of plane parts at the scenes of accidents, the gathering of the video tapes from security cameras. They made good "errand boys." Plus, once they got their hands on evidence it was gone forever (or modified). Their work output was usually of poor quality (video of the "plane" hitting the Pentagon, doctoring of flight 77 data recorder), etc.  Side note: after 12 years they didn't seem to have gotten much better judging from the Boston bombing affair in 2013.  The FBI shenaningans deserve their own website and complete analysis.

Queen Clubs


Since these guys know everything about everybody, they have no excuse for not knowing what actually happened on 9/11. So my theory is that they knew about it but were not involved in planning it. But that makes them guilty nonetheless.

Jack Clubs

Secret Service

A crack team to be sure. What did they know and when did they know it? One thing that is very, very odd and is probably their "smoking gun" is why didn't they grab George Bush seconds after they heard that an attack occurred in NYC instead of allowing him to sit in the classroom looking like a stooge for 7 minutes or more?
Why weren't they concerned about the large white plane flying around Washington DC after the attacks? Did they secure the Speaker of the House during the attacks? It is almost as if they knew that the attack would play out in a certain programmed way and they did not need to do their normal secret service routine. How about securing other members of the cabinet such as Rumsfeld who was in the crosshairs of Flight 77? These guys knew something was coming down but they did not help plan it.

Ten Clubs

Mainstream Press

The Press is now part of the Federal government, or so it seems. How did BBC know 20 minutes before Blg 7 came  down that it would come down? Gone are the good ole' days when they actually hired journalists. The press has not pursued any of the evidence of 9/11. They have been completely neutered by the Feds.  They had a key role during 9/11 and afterward to investigate and inform.  Whether knowingly or unknowingly, they aided the Bad Guys who pulled this crime off by not doing their normal investigations into the truth. They have become next to useless and the alternate media is now taking over.  

Nine Clubs

Insurance Industry

Most people dislike the insurance industry because they collect big premiums and then complain when they have to process a claim. Normally, if you forgot to dot an "i" or cross a "t" when you bought the insurance, they wouild renege. That is why 9/11 is so strange. The insurance companies paid people like Larry Silverstein who clearly was involved in the destuction of his own buildings. They also did not investigate other aspcts of these attacks. Since when does the insurance industry pay a claim when they can't check things out? Highly suspicious. Were they kept whole somehow? This needs to be investigated. Meanwhile, they are suspiciously guilty of collusion or stupidity. They should never have paid those claims without first determining if these losses were the result of crimes or an attack.

Eight Clubs

United & American Airlines

They lost 4 planes on 9/11 (or did they?). Did they file for insurance claims? Were the claims paid? Some or all of the planes were not even scheduled to fly on 9/11 so did they? Also, they could view the video of the planes crashing into the WTC, were they their planes or not?  What about flight 93 in Penna.? Did they participate in the recovery of the aircraft parts? How about Flight 77 at the Pentagon? Since when do Fortune 500 firms like these trust others to decide about the the destruction of their assets? There is something awfully strange about these two companies and the supposed loss of 4 of their aircraft. Did they do an independent investigation into these flights and the cell phone calls (these airlines knew that calls from their planes were impossible at that time). So what the heck is going on here?!

Seven Clubs

Robert Mueller

Former FBI Director - he told the American people within 48 hrs of 9-11 that they had identified the 19 hijackers without any proof. The so-called hijackers previously worked with the FBI and CIA and had trained at US Govt facilities. These lies by Mueller are his smoking gun. He was responsible for the FBI and as such, bears the total responsibility for all of the FBI wrong-doing during his tenure. He should be rated higher in this table.

Six Clubs


Waiting to select the Bad Guy

Five Clubs


Waiting to select the Bad Guy

Four Clubs


Waiting to select the Bad Guy

Three Clubs


Waiting to select the Bad Guy

Two Clubs

The American People

The American People are guilty in the crime as well. They are too complacent and they have not pushed back in light of all of the facts that suggest that their own government did a very bad thing as it relates to 9/11. We desparately need them to wake up and help push for a real investigation. Until they do, they are accomplices in this crime.

Ace Diamonds

Black Ops (MPRI or equivalent)

A crack, private, outsourced team acted as the "project manager" for this crime. They worked directly for the principal perpetrators and they coordinated all of activities of the other groups outlined in this matrix. The CIA and FBI could never have done this by themselves (they are famous for not being team players). They would have screwed it up even more than it was. Cheney and Rumsfeld loved to outsource things. They never selected anyone from within to get a job done when they could outsource it. They subcontracted this job for many reasons. They could deny involvement with 9/11, they could control the subcontractors  by paying them large sums of cash (hey Rummie, did you use the missing $2.6 Trillion to pay these and the other guys?). These guys helped wire the WTC buildings for explosives along with the Israeli Mossad/Art Students.

King Diamonds


At one time I thought these guys were the Black Ops team, but I have since changed my mind. Anyone who has dancing employees (Israelis) on the New Jersey coast watching 9/11 is too stupid to pull this off. They were involved for sure and are much more deeply involved than any of us think but they were the #2 guys on this project. They were the "muscle" that helped the Black Ops team prepare the WTC explosives. The Black Ops guys were the "brains."

Queen Diamonds

Larry Silverstein

Just "Pull it". He leased the WTC complex and insured it up the butt just 2 months before it was attacked. He knew what was going on. He helped Israel get the US to attack Iraq as a result of 9/11. He also made billions and could rebuild with nice new buildings. He is guilty of so many crimes in this affair. He is aging, however, so we better work fast before he slips away to that large penthouse in the sky. The fact is that he belongs in a deep, dark dungeon down below.

Jack Diamonds

Israeli Art Students

These characters were living in the WTC for many months with construction permits. Since these permits were issued BEFORE Larry owned the leases to the WTC, that means someone else issued them. Who issued the permits? These guys helped locate and place the explosives in all three buildings. They were most likely Mossad agents.

Ten Diamonds


Nine Diamonds


Eight Diamonds

Coroners'  Offices

There were multiple jurisdictions involved where the 9/11 accidents occured. The coroners in these areas should have seen some strange things such as the absence of passenger bodies. Were any passengers or "terrorists" ever examined by any coroners? The coroners are key witnesses to this crime. I wonder how many are still alive today?

Seven Diamonds

State & Local Police

The NY Police dept was hit hard on 9/11 (although not as hard as their brothers in the fire department). These guys know darn well that there were bombs going off in WTC Blgs. 1, 2 and 7. They know that there was absolutely no investigation into these bombs or the molten metal that many of them saw on 9/11 and afterward. Since when does the Police Dept shy away from going after the Bad Guys? They don't unless they were told to stand down by senior police officials. There were Pentagon police, Penna police, DC Police, State police departments. Is it true that none of them suspect that anything was wrong with the official 9-11 story? These guys are smart and they can smell a crime before, during, and after it goes down. So why did all of you let the American people down on 9-11?

Six Diamonds


Five Diamonds


Four Diamonds


Three Diamonds


Two Diamonds

Securacom and Stratasec

The company that operated the security for WTC 1, 2, and 7. You allow Israeli art students to live in your client's blgs with construction passes and you don't monitor what they are doing for months on end? You allow someone to turn off the cameras and remove the bomb sniffing dogs prior to 9-11? For what reason? You never saw anyone bring tons of explosives into the blg and set them up on multiple floors and in the basement? How much did you get paid to secure these blgs, anyway? What about the gold buillion that was removed from the WTC? Did you monitor that? You say that the insurance companies didn't bother to check on these failings even though they gave Silverstein a reduced premium for having security in the complex? Was Marvin Bush (George's brother) involved in any of these decisions? Did anyone interview your company about these issues after the crime occurred? You guys should be higher up on this list!

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