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Fed Govt Scams

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The US Government has acted really strangely in the last 5-10 years. Or more precisely, from just after 9-11-2001.
I have covered 9-11 elsewhere in the website so I will not repeat that material again.

After 9-11, the Govt. started to take our rights away under the guise of terrorism. However, since they created the terrorism of 9-11 and virtually every terrorism incident since, then one can see that their stealing of our rights was really their ultimate goal.

Let me say at the outset that a very small percentage of Govt. personnel were actually aware of the overall plan. Most were motivated by one or more of the following drivers:

  • Promotion
  • Importance
  • Pressure
  • Money
  • Pension
  • Survival
  • Feeling "part of" overall effort
  • Threats of personal info disclosure
  • Contractual Obligation 

As I analyzed why certain groups or people played a role in the 9-11 crimes, it was typically because they were duped by one or more of the factors listed above. For example, there were a large number of senior military oficers that were "retired" early later in the 2000-2010 period. Whether they were charged with some infidelity or other charge, it was probable that they were being threatened not to talk or they would lose their pension and or other benefits or that there would be some highly embarassing information that would come out.

The senior NIST managers must have had a ot of dirty laundry because they clearly made ridiculous arguments abouit the collapse of Building 7 as well as Buildings 1 and 2. They never seemed to flinch even though what they were saying was insupportable from an engineering standpoint. They could have been paid off, threatened, etc. We just don't know.

The district attorney of New York never said a word after the largest series of crimes ever conducted went down in his jurisdiction without a peep from his office. The same can be said for the coroners who never saw any bodies from the planes. We later would see this same issue rear its ugly head years later in Sandy Hook when none of the children were shot. There were no children. Yet, the coroner stood in front of microphones and lied to us (and then he said he had hoped this would not come crashing down on the heads of residents).  

Note - in the Sandy Hook case, I believe that the Feds had everyone sign a non-disclosure agreement that forced them to remain quiet and if they didn't, they would be imprisoned and financially ruined for life. They were also told that this (the fight against gun ownership) was for the "greater good" and that they were doing the "right" thing. This is the same method used by Hitler's officers when they trained German soldiers to murder civilians. 

As we travel through these events in this Govt. Scams section this issue will come up repeatedly so it is important that you remember how normal people can be made to lie to their fellow human beings. They become "actors" and they may genuinely believe that they are doing something which is for the "greater good." But they may also be coerced by one or more ofthe factors listed above.

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