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Financial/Social Collapse

Major Events
2015 Collapse?
The number of non-governmental organizations, bloggers, analysts and other alternative media reporters that are predicting a major financial collapse is mind boggling. I have listed some right after this article. There is a strong belief that it will occur this year (2015). Why this year? Many things seem to be in alignment concerning the state of the world's ecomonies, the current war/peace profile of the World, projected currency failures, actions by the US Govt. in preparing for the collapse by buying ammo and food (and burial containers), equipping the police with military type weaponry, gap between rich and poor, and massive public and private debt levels. There is no doubt that it will happen, it is just a matter of time.

Review the table on the right to see the topics and my current analysis. When this collapse goes down, life will never be the same in the USA again, I am sorry to say.

Some preparation could be a major help for you and your family.
Here are things you should stockpile NOW:

  1. Food (canned, freeze dried) enough for 3 or more months, if possible)
  2. Bottled Water or a reverse osmosis filter system (or both)
  3. Pistol and shotgun, or rifle
  4. Ammunition (sufficient qty. since ammo may not be available again)
  5. Toiletries, etc.
  6. Cash in small bills ($1, $5, $10) $500 - $1,000 minimum
  7. Candles, batteries, matches, fuel for stove or lantern
  8. Gasoline
  9. Gold and/or silver in your possesion (not being held by a 3rd party).

Obviously, the list above is not complete, it is just a sampling of some of the things that you will wish you had if and when this collapse occurs.

You may have heard the term "bail-in" and wondered what it meant.

Essentially a bail-in occurs when a currency collapses and the central bank for the country cannot help the small banks in the country in terms of covering their losses/debt, etc. The small banks "take" the savings and other holdings of the depositors of their bank (i.e. the bank customers). Yes, you heard me correctly, the banks take the money from the people that had deposits at the bank.

Bail-ins have occurred in Cyprus and to some extent in Greece. They are rumored to be the "new thing" in Europe as the banks there get into trouble.

AMERO - Does the bank return the money it stole to the depositors at a later time? I don't know. Maybe or maybe not. It will probaly be disguised around the introduction of a new currency  - such as the "AMERO" -the rumored new North America Union currency.

So, one day you will wake up and hear that the US Dollar is being replaced by the Amero and you will have all of your money in the bank converted into Amero's. Of course, the bankers will have already taken their "cut" by manipulating the exchange rate been the dollar and the Amero. The Amero may not be a paper currency anyway, it may be digital. So you would get an ATM card and you would be limited to how much you could withdraw or use each day (this happened to the Cypriots). 

Pretty soon thereafter, you would forget about your US Dollars and the banksters will have robbed us blind....again.


Main alternative media that predict a collapse:

The War on Terror and the War on Drugs have sucked the very essence out of the American experience.    We have been duped. The US and others have created this Terror War to increase control and enrich themselves. But they have mismanaged the entire process and they are now ready to kill the goose that laid the golden egg - the US economy and way of life.   
Walmart Store closings due to bad plumbing?
These stores closed unexpectedly, just coincidentally during US Military Jade Helm operations - Summer 2015. Some believe these buildings could be used to hold dissidents (American citizens).
ISIS encampment(s) discovered on Mexican borderFBI holds special meeting in Aprl 2015 to discuss ISIS but excludes DHS personnel. Hmmmmm. Could be a false flag event during Jade Helm operations. Whenever the FBI has their dirty hands on anything, watch out!
Jade Helm military exercises throughout Southern USA Summer 2015Watch out for false flag events involving aircraft and possibly nukes (both Libyan and Malaysian aircraft are missing  as well as USA nukes)
Petrodollars are coming to an end as countries abandon their useThis will accelerate and exacerbate the financial collapse of US Dollar and other currencies during 2015
Dept. of Homeland Security continues to buy millions of rounds of ammoPlans to use TSA (and other DHS departments) as a domestic army against the American people during/after the collapse.
US and other economies (not stock market) are in dismal shape and are predcted to collapse during 2015.This will be much worse than 2007-2008. Out debts levels are 40% higher now than they were and the American citizenry is tapped out. Many people now depend on government support.   
The Federal Reserve (FED) has increased the money supply many times over but this has had no positive impact on the economy. It has made matters worse. They do not have the gold that was entrusted to them. It is a Massive ponzi scheme.Te Fed is a PRIVATE organization and is run by the bankers. It is not part of the US Govt. When the 2008 collpase occurred, they sent the money our that our Treasury gave them to bail the FOREIGN banks out. The Fed then refused to tell Congress where that money went.
WAR - the US Govt is looking to start an event that it will "hide behind" and is actively looking to create wars with Russia, Syria, and Iran.The US has funded ISIS and are responsible for both the Ukraine and Syrian situations. They are calling in all of their "markers" with the Saudis, the Brits, and many other countries to try and help start "something" in the form of war-like activity. They are running out of time because they want this event to be the cause of the finanical collapse but it may collapse before they can trigger the event.  
What are the FEMA Camps (re-education centers) or Hillary's "Fun Camps" intended for?They are internment camps for dissidents, patriots, constitutionalists, and gun owners.
The Govt has also pre-positioned 500,000 multi-use burial containers around the country. Are these to be used in the FEMA camps to bury the dead? They also bought 14 million body bags.
Why did DHS buy 140 million ready- to-eat long life meals?Who will get these meals? Survivors of the collapse or FEMA camp internees or the Government and their families? 
Bail-ins will occur during this collapseThe banks will actually take your money from your bank account(s) and convert it into Amero's. They will be worth less than a dollar and in the conversion process, the Govt and banks will have you fleeced you. You will really never know what happened

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