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Flight 93 Shanksville PA

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Flight 93 started in Newark NJ on 9-11. However, whether this actual plane or a surrogate took off from Newark is unknown. We do know that a 767 plane did not crash in Pennsylvania, however.

There are no videos of the supposed terrorists boarding this flight. In fact, there are no videos of these terrorists at Newark, period.

What exactly crashed in Shanksville? We do not know.

We do know that at the altitude that Flight 93 was at supposedly before it crashed, that debris from the plane could not have ended up 8 miles away which the official story would have you believe.

Debris field link

Additional Debris Field info

Whatever objects that were discovered 8 miles away, they must have been dropped there by the infamous FBI "B" Team (the B team is the one that skipped their classes but graduated anyway!).

I believe that Flight 93 was either diverted to Cleveland as originally reported or it never took off from Newark. In both cases, the passengers were murdered by their captors.

Plane parts - Crash scene areas were cordoned off by police and FBI which prevented others from seeing what was actually discovered at the debris field locations. We don't know what was found where. Furthermore, these parts were all taken somewhere by the FBI, where they could have been combined with other parts from other plane crashes. We simply do not know what was found at any of the locations and the FBI should have videod the entire recovery activity but don't hold your breath to see it.

Body parts - if the bodies were disposed of elsewhere after they were murdered, then body parts for DNA analysis could have been proivided to the Lab which was doing the DNA test or to the coroner's office. Here again, there is no continuity of possession between those that found the items and those that delivered them to the labs. The FBI is the common link but this group is highly suspect as a result of all of the other activities that they have been involved in this crime. This entire part of the process could have been seriously corrupted by the FBI.

But rather than get hung up on what happened to the passengers or to the plane, focus instead on the crash scene in Shanksville. This is a given in the equation. There were no bodies found at this site nor large parts of a plane. No luggage. Hmmmm..........

No plane, no bodies, no luggage. No proof that this "plane" ever crashed in Shanksville.

If you were a defense attorney and your client was being charged with murder for this crime and the prosecution could not produce any bodies, plane parts, or luggage, you would have an excellent chance of getting your client off.

You cannot believe the Flight Data Recorder data simply because you are dealing with a group of criminals that could have manipulated the data and all of the other facts concerning this flight. Pilots for 9-11 Truth have extensive analysis of the FDR's that were recovered for some of the 9-11 flights. The analysis of the FDR does not track well with the official story in various aspects. But here again, it is easy to modify FDR data.

The FBI is reported to have visited the surrounding residents near the crash scene and the FBI "told" the residents that they that had not seen anything relative to the crash of Flight 93. They told them this even though the people had objected to these FBI statements. This is similar to the techniques used by the FBI concerning TWA Flight 800 in New York years earlier. In that case, there was a plane shot down by a missile by accident that the US Govt. did no want disclosed so they covered it up and the FBI was used as the "heavy" in the process to shut people up. Makes you real proud of our country, doesn't it?

There was another (white) plane in the air near the so-called Flight 93 at the same time and in the same area. This would have been the "controller" aircraft. This plane was steering the so-called flight 93 plane (drone) much like a child would control a radio frequency car. They steered the plane right into the ground in a safe area away from other people.

If indeed there were passengers on the real flight 93 then this other drone or radio controlled plane "assumed" the flight path for flight 93 and the real flight 93 went on to Cleveland. Otherwise, the real passengers were "dealt with" in Newark.

No Boeing 767 or any passengers crashed into the countryside in Pennsylvania on 9-11. It was a much smaller drone which was pilot-less.

What else can be said about Flight 93? It never crashed and the passengers were murdered by our Government or their contractors. There were no heros, no "Lets Roll" moment. There was just the murder of innocent passengers. Probably after they recorded the cell phone calls from the gound. They may have even told the passengers that they were part of a "drill" and that they needed to make those calls from the GROUND (not while airborne) as part of the drill. This would explain why their voices were not panicked as tghey would have been had they just seen stewardesses and pilots murdered by terrorists.

God rest their souls, wherever they are.

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