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Fluoride is in our water supply

Years ago, the chemical industry lobbied to have fluroide put into our water supply nationwide. Why? because they had to dispose of their waste which is generated during the manufacture of fertilizer. One of these by-products is FLUORIDE. There is plenty of much more detailed info concerning this waste product than what I am listing here, so check it out yourself on the web. Start with the links I have provided on the right.

However, even though the concept of protecting our teeth was used as the justification to mass-medicate the entire US population, the fact is that this was not the real reason for doing this. It was done to help the chemical industry. Furthermore, the people who initially concocted this scheme are long gone now. The people who conitnue to push this are doing what they were told a long time ago and have no clue as to the real facts behind this entire situation.

It makes no sense to give people water which is laced with fluroide because every person drinks a different amount of water so how in the World could such a program be safe?

Plus, why in the World would the US government care about our teeth? They don't care about the pesticides that they approved when they have been proven to be toxic. These are the same people that polluted Army bases across the USA and then denied doing it. They all sent our soldiers into harms way in battle zoines with depleted uranium from ordinance. Th list goes on and on.

The US Govt does not care about your teeth!!!!!  

Stop your town or city from using dangerous fluoride. You can self-medicate yourself if you want with toothpaste. You do not need to have the dangerous fluoride go into your "body's water system". Everyone knows it is always safer to apply a medicine topically than to ingest it through the body's organs, etc.

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