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George Galloway

Good Guys
George Galloway is an MP in the UK Parliament. He is a remarkable person. I find in my research that he is a no-bull type of leader. He speaks truth to power.

In the following youtube session which was recorded on May 17th, 2005, he pushes back against US Senator Norm Coleman in which he was defending his name against the careless accusations of improprieties of the Iraqi Oil for Food program in the 1990's that the US Senate made against him. In classical form, the US Govt made accusations against this man that were false and were designed to shut Galloway up because he was an outspoken UK person. 

He really gives them hell since the US Govt. was guilty of all kinds of illegal activity concerning the Iraqi war and US companies as well. But here they go trying to carve out some incident in which they could try to implicate an outspoken anti-war official like Galloway. Galloway let them have it, right between their sleazy eyes. It was embarassing watching the Senate get their ass handed to them. 

The US Senate has not seen the likes of Galloway before and nor will they in the future.

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