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Interesting 9-11 Links

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This webpage includes a wide variety of resource info for the website visitor.

There has been so much work done by our citizens and foreigners as well into the crimes of 9/11. You could spend days and days listening and watching the various videos that have been created. In fact - you should!!!!

The evidence is overwhelming. You would think that our legal and court system in addition to the insurance companies (and everyone else) would want to get to the bottom of this affair.  They must have either been paid off (or given additional power) or are in fear for their lives because they are asleep at the switch.

We used to think how in the World did the German people ever follow Adolf Hitler into World War II and turn a blind eye to to atrocities of the Halocaust?

Well, look at what just happened to us!!! We turned a blind eye to 9/11 even though the evidence is overwhelming.

We are no better than the Germans under Hitler. We allowed our country to attack Iraq premptively and hundreds of thousands were killed.

We allowed our government to murder 3,000 of our own people on 9/11 and thousands after that in the 2 wars that ensued. Not to mention the illnesses and deaths of the first responders.

Yet, the average American seems numb to the facts and does not want to even consider what happened. This is like living in the Twilight Zone.

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, the 9/11 Commission, NTSB, NIST, Giuliani, Silverstein, the US Congress, Halliburton, CIA, FBI, and others could all be guilty of murder or conspiracy or both. The evidence is so overwhelming in this case that these and others were involved or at least knowledgeable of these crimes.

We will never forget. Not about the so-called terrorists from afar, but the terrorists from within. They are the real enemy and we will never rest until these bad actors are caught, prosecuted, and executed as permitted by law!

What can you do? Get informed. Push your local, state, and federal governments to investigate 9/11. We are being represented by criminals who take money from lobbyists and allow murderers to go free in exchange for positions of power and money. This system has been totally coopted and corrupted. Even as recently as President Dwight Eisenhower, we were warned against the military industrial complex and our inattention related thereto has now created a monster that we now have to behead.

This is like a cancer deep inside a person's body. We will need chemo-therapy as well as surgery to remove this cancer. We need to free ourselves of these parasites who suck the very essence from our country and leave us with a debt bill and with the shame of the World. Our founding fathers would have been the first to raise a pitchfork against these bad actors so let us not hesitate to do the same. We should do so, however, within the law and as quickly as possible before they re-wrrite any more of our laws that restrict our rights.

Each time I review this data or add new links to the site, I get so damn mad at the whole pack of these criminals. We need to bring them all to justice sooner rather than later. We NEED to rally our fellow citizens. Please help the effort.



Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Fabled Enemies


Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Scientists for 9/11 Truth


9/11 Research/Analysis

Firefighters for 9/11 Truth

Debunking the debunkers

More 9/11 ideas/observations

Loose Change

One of the first and best analysis

**9/11 Exposed 2nd Edition EXCELLENT on NYC attack

Flight Data Recorders

Flight Data Recorders

Remember Blg 7

David Ray Griffin/Annie Machon (excellent)


Dr. Steven Jones

Video in Australia

Marvin Bush and 9/11


Wayne Madsen (data galore))

2005 Link

Anthony Hilder and Barbara Honegger

9-11 Pentagon Info

Sibel Edmonds on "the top of the pyramid" (exposes military industrial complex) HIGHLY introspective


Barbara Honegger Detailed Pentagon Analysis - excellent


Hijackers and Caspian Sea Oil


Who controlled the planes? Radar gaps (


Military aircarft vs. Boeing 767


Gold Heist at WTC (from Loose Change)


Jimmy Walter Interview


Kevin Ryan analysis (very interesting)


Kevin Ryan - author and investigator


The Toronto Hearings Sept 2011


Questions about missing bodies


Jesse Ventura Conspiracy


US had prior Knowledge


Very good analysis


Firefighters for 9-11 Truth - Rrik Lawyer


9-11 Suspects by Warcrimes 911


Drone Aircraft


Susan Lindauer CIA Whistleblower 9-11 and Ukraine


 Stunt Pilot Analysis of 9/11 flying - GREAT ANAYLSIS
Ken O'Keefe - great analytical video - Moussad did it (Israelis) Link
 Physicist discusses issue of molten steel at WTC Link
Interesting Interview with Richard Clarke about CIA role Link
Jeff Steinberg of Larouche Pac gives a good summary of many of the crimes of 9-11 Link
JFK and 9-11 analysis, 4 hours but excellent! Link
Light Pole Analysis at Pentagon - fantastic   Link
John Boncore - activist speaks out about 9-11 Link
An analysis of Bush's reactions on 9-11 Link

Kurt Sonnenfeld - Fema Photographer Link

David Ray Griffith (Iowa)

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