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Legal Info

Resources expresses the OPINIONS of Bob Basher and Nibiru Ned. These opinions are not represented as being facts unless established as being factual elsewhere by other individuals or groups.

Both Bob Basher and Nibiru Ned are nom de plume's.

If your name (or organization) is listed in this website and you feel that it should not be, then please send information to us that disputes the allegation and we will review the request. If the data is confirmed, the entry will be removed from the site.

Please use the email links at right to contact us.

If you feel that you have been illegally mistreated consider contacting the following legal organizations:

Conservative         Rutherford Institute
Liberal                  ACLU

Thank you,
Bob Basher

Nibiru Ned

You may email Bob Basher
at this email address

You may email Nibiru Ned
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