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Links for Sandy Hook

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Thanks for visiting the Sandy Hook Link page!
This page contains some links that will take you to websites, posts on facebook, and Youtube links, etc.

There is so much information available on the Sandy Hook Hoax that the collective data that researchers have put together is immense and rivals and exceeds the kind of work done by the old mainstream media (before it was bought and paid for).

I encourage you to look at as much as you can and as soon as you can. Over the years of looking into this hoax, I have noticed that the Govt. and its partners in crime have steadily reduced what is available on the Web as it relates to this incident. Their tactics have truly been 1984-ish in this regard.

After you question Sandy Hook, you should then go on to question these other false flag events:
  • 9-11 World Trade Center
  • 9-11 Shanksville PA
  • 9-11 Pentagon
  • San Bernardino Shooting
  • Boston Bombing
  • Oklahoma City Bombing
  • TWA Flight 800
  • Malaysian Airlines MH 370
  • Malaysian Airlines MH 17
  • Opium Production Afghanistan
  • Geoengineering and Chemtrails
  • Planet Nibiru (Planet X)
  • Toxic vaccinations and schedules
  • Cancer Inc.
  • Prison Inc.
  • War on Drugs

This list is long.
Many people died (or were injured) in these events, or they continue to be either current or future threats to us all.

Here are just some of the links that are available. Do your own searches as well.
Jim Fetzer's Book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" free copy online or buy his bookLink
Jim Fetzer online interview - greatLink
David Wheeler (father of "victim" and crisis actor) caught by Barry SoetoroLink
David Wheeler actor and Sandy Hook father - main video by Barry SoetoruLink
Deposition of Newtown Police Chief by Wolfgang Halbig's AttyLink
Sofia Smallstorm - highly detailed analysisLink
Deposition of Newtown officials by Wolfgang HalbigLink
Porta Potties and Check-in sign by Crisis ActorLink
More links on our other Sandy Hook PageLink
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