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List of Shame

Bad Guys
Almost every day we hear of some individual or organizaion that has been caught lying, cheating, or stealing. These people and groups deserve special mention in our List of Shame. There is no order to the list of shame entries, as we see them, we post them. All I can say is "unbelievable."
Person / OrganizationAffilliationSubject
FIFA Executives (at least 14 so far 2015)
Organization site  Report
World Soccer League, World CupBribery, corruption, involved in selecting lkocations for next World soccer game sites, etc. 
Dennis Hastert House of Representatives, Speaker of the Housewas being blackmailed for years - what was he hiding?
Tom Brady and the New England PatriotsNFL team that went on to win Super Bowl 2015. Brady was quarterback and leader of the teamDeflated footballs during key playoff game to gain advantaghe oiver opposing team
Dominique Strauss-Kahn
Head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)He was accused of forcing sex on a hotel maid as well as other sexcapades. He was acquitted of pimping charges in June 2015
Harry ReidMinority Leader of the SenateAbusing young gays? Don't know but could be true

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