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Malaysian Flight MH370

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Malaysian Flight MH370, which disappeared on March 8, 2014, is a very strange story indeed.

First of all, some have said that the pilot and co-pilot were Islamic fanatics- Wrong. These guys were party boys according to eyewitnesses who had previously interfaced with them.
Were their families on the plane? At least one apparently checked out of their house/apartment the day before the flight. Where did the family go?

There were a number of stories of sightings of the plane both in the water and in the air (Maldives residents for the air signting and the Vietnamese Navy for the water sighting). What ever happened to these stories?

What about the cell phone calls from the aircraft? What about the cell phone call from Diego Garcia by phone of the passengers? The Diego Garcia call was a fake but were any of the others  true? Who knows.

What about the amount of time wasted looking in the wrong area of the ocean for the black boxes? They sure took their time and made sure the 30 day battery time expired during which the blackboxes would have sent out locator beeps to searchers.

What about satellite records? The US knows everything that is going on Worldwide all of the time. Why didn't the US satellite system record this plane's trip? I thought after 9-11 we were tracking all of the planes with our elaborate and very expensive anti-terrorism system?




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What about the military drills that were being conducted by the US Govt in Thailand at that very time with many different countries? Rumor has it that these drills accidentally (or intentionally) shot this plane down? Did the drills cause this accident? Where are the military radar records? Rumor has it that they may have used a highe energy laser beam device which the military had just launched. Were they "demonstrating" the new system's capabilities to the Russians? Or were they getting back at the Malaysians for convening a specialcourt that found Bush and Cheney (and others) guilty of war crimes for the Iraq debacle?

Whenever the US Govt is quiet about something, like the MH370 flight and their involvement, they are up to something, something which stinks to high heaven.

They know exactly where that plane is because they either brought (shot) it down or remotely hi-jacked it to another location, probably Diego Garcia.
The DOD Inspector General ought to be checking into this or he will hang from the nearest yardarm as well when we learn what the heck happened in this case. This is murder and co-conspirators will also be charged with the crime.

This entire affair sounds like another 9-11 farce. Instead of telling the victims' families and the World what happened (accidental shoot down or whatever), they concoct the crazy story that doesn't hold water (no pun intended). There is something very evil that happened here and those passengers were murdered just like the 9-11 passengers were, not by terrorists, but by misguided Americans and their Allies for some nasty and horrendously illegal purpose.

We ought to inspect every square inch of Diego Garcia right now to see if the plane is there. Although the passengers will all be dead and will have already been disposed of, the plane may still be there. We need to see where it is before they move it and worse yet, use it to launch a false flag attack with a nuke (or nukes) onboard.

Our Federal Government is hiding something here, something which could start WW3 and/or another endless military escapade. Remember, Afghanistan is coming to an end (not a solution) but an end to full-time American involvement and the Military Industrial complex needs another "fix". They cannot stop building weapons and munitions and all of the stuff that wars use. They tried to get us into Syria, then the Ukraine, they are gasping for another "fix". They are like an heroine addict who is coming down and they fear withdrawal. Any war will do, but the bigger the better.

We should have listened to President Dwight Eisenhower when he warned us, as he was leaving office in 1960, that this would happen. Our political leaders are all corrupt, however, and are spineless and useless. Too bad we didn't pack them all up onto Flight MH370!  

Was the plane diverted by remote control
to Diego Garcia for the purposes of transforming the plane into another airline's colors so that it could be used in a false flag nuclear event? Remember that in the USA during September 2013, nuclear bombs were improperly moved from a Texas air base to some unknown location in South Carolina. Where did these go and for what purpose? Right after that, the #2 Air Force General for Nukes was let go. Many other ranking officers were also let go after that. Could it be that they would not go along with the President's plan to use nukes to start WW3 in Syria or Europe?

The US Govt has plenty of prior experience in his area. During 9-11, they remotely hijacked 4 airliners full of passengers and replaced them with drones of one type or another. Some people always ask "what about the passengers?" The Govt murdered thousands on that day so a few hundred more didn't matter. In th3 MH370 case, it was less than 300. Yes, we all pray for the passengers each time this occurs, but what those passengers really want from us, is for us to serve out justice on their behalf and to get these killers! The passengers were murdered in some form or another by either the military that shot the plane down or by the govt who remotely hijacked the plane. Either way, it is now up to each of us to seek out the truth in this matter and prosecute the guilty. We need to work fast because the trademark pattern that the govt typically uses is to murder those who were involved so they cannot later "talk."

The CIA Listening post (named Pine Gap) in Alice Spring Australia knows exactly what happened to MH370 but they won't say. They know everything that goes on in that region of the World.

The CIA "PINE GAP" facility knows what happened

False Flag gone awry - another theory that is out there is that the entire MH370 incident is a False Flag event that went wrong. This could have involved the joint military drills run by the Americans in Thailand on that day.  

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