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Michael Ruppert

Good Guys
Michael Ruppert was an interesting man.

He wrote Crossing the Rubicon - a book about 9-11 in which is accurately identifies Dick Cheney as the chief orchestrator of 9-11.
He went around the USA and gave presentations to crowds in which he exposed a lot of things about 9-11 that they did not know.

As I watched more of the videos about this man's life, I was amazed that I, too, did not know about him earlier. He was very articulate and extremely knowledgeable.

They say he killed himself in 2011. Many times, in the Post 9-11 era, people that had spoken out about 9-11 just happened to commit "suicide." Whether he did or whether he was murdered, we will probably never know.

Here are some www.youtube.com videos featuring Ruppert.

https://youtu.be/vXf2XyNyHW0    *** View this one first
https://youtu.be/IVd-zAXACrU     Documentary film on Ruppert
https://youtu.be/ydNqFyvisCo   Interview of Ruppert's friend after Rupperst's death
https://youtu.be/5voCxZSwzCM    *** Great video of a 9-11 Omissions hearing featuring Ruppert
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzgMH_1xm4Y    Report on death of Ruppert

More info is available from the Peak Oil site (http://fromthewilderness.com/about.shtml)
where Michael was a regular author of articles.

I encourage people to learn about this man. He was exceptional in his ability to analyze 9-11 (and other issues) and communicate his views to others. We are lucky to have had him get involved in the 9-11 crime investigation. 

Thanks, Michael Ruppert. RIP    

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