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Missing Nukes

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Over the past few years, the US Air Force has had Nuclear tipped warheads (Cruise Missiles) taken without authorization from two separate airbases: Minot in North Daokta (2007) and Dyess in Texas (2013). These were very odd occurrences and it seemed as if nukese were being taken by someone within the government for some illegal purpose.
As usual, official info released by the Federal Government is hard to come by. In the Minot case, 6 airmen ended up dead possibly as a result of this event.

The nukes that were taken to Louisiana from Minot were later retrieved but only after alert airmen at Barkesdale AB in Louisiana noticed they had warheads on the missiles. The ones taken from Dyess are still missing. Do you smell a false flag event coming?

By the way, most of the officers in Minot were later purged by the Air Force under some cockamamy reason that they were cheating when taking certification tests. The whole thing sounds suspicious. Do you know how long it takes to train air force personnel in nuclear weaponry systems? Rather than work with them they just fired them all? Doesn't make sense.

I fear that those missing nukes are going to show up on either the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 when it is directed under remote control into a US city, or on the missing Libyan passenger jets. Some one has those planes and is customizing them now for a future, dastardly purpose. My money is on the US Govt.      

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