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The Israeli Intelligence organization is referred to as Mossad. These folks are experts and they don't mess around. Just the kind of characters you would want to help stage a 9/11 type of affair.

Here is what I think happened on 9/11:

The Mossad was requested by the Bush Administration (Dick Cheney) to help pull this entire affair off because Cheney and his military industrialist henchmen, wanted to attack Iraq and possibly Iran in the future and going against either one or both of these bad actors was right up the alley for Israel who was both frightened of these two countries and wanted the aide of the US government in opposing them.

The Mossad was used to wire the buildings in advance of 9/11, all three buildings (WTC 1, 2 and 7). Plus, they aided in the wiring of the Pentagon as well. They had access in 2 ways:

  • There were these strange Israeli Art students who were living (literally camping out) inside Blg 1 for months and they had construction permits for the WTC. The floor that they lived on was vacant and was under construction (although that was very odd and the records of which tenants were supposed to be there vanished in the collapse).

  • For the 2 weeks preceding 9/11, every night a team of workman arrived at the WTC complex early in the morning and security systems were turned off and even the bomb sniffiing dogs were removed on one of the evenings. These guys were Mossad and worked with the art students already living there. During these 2 weeks, the workmen wired the charges to the structures.

  • The Pentagon was also undergoing renovationand these characters were used to help wire that building as well.

The control center was set up in Blg 7. That way they could see buildings 1 and 2 after the planes had crashed and they could control all of the explosions for the 2 buildings just like they wanted to. After that occurred, they vacated Blg 7 and then blew it up destroying any evidence that was there from their command center operation. It is not known where the control center for the Pentagon bombs was positioned but it could have been somewhere else in this massive complex or in a hotel adjacent to the property.

Larry Silverstein (the then new owner of the WTC Complex) lied when he said he spoke to a senior fire department official on the afternoon of 9/11 and told him to "pull it" (demolish Blg 7). Larry, a Jewish person who had strong ties with Israel, was knowledgeable of this entire crime and was complicit with the Mossad and the US Govt. in executing this tragedy. Larry did want the building pulled that is for sure, but he damn well did not tell a fire department official to do it (the NYFD does not do controlled demolitions the last time I checked).

The command center, which was in Blg 7, was also the location where the drone planes were controlled from. From one location, elements of the US Govt. (and possibly the Mossad as well as the Black Ops team) controlled this entire operation. They monitored and possibly manipulated Norad, the FAA, and other aspects of the attacks and other major players. This may have been from where the "drills" that Norad was engaged in emanated from.

Did the Israelis operate from this same command center? I don't know. They could have simply been the "worker bees" that set up the explosives and facilitated the crime as it related to the WTC and Pentagon buildings. There is some very interesting information available about the goings-on of the art students leading up to 9/11 while they were living in WTC 1. Plus a group of Israelis were reported taking videos and chuckling from the New Jersey side of the river on 9/11. These guys were in a bogus moving company truck and were later caught by police when some citizens saw them acting strangely. These Israei's were then let go 2 months later! They left the USA for Israel immediately thereafter (including the owner of the moving company who left customers and their belongings up in the air). These guys were some of the Mossad (other Mossad members who lived in the USA and who helped wire the charges did not need to travel to Israel after 9/11 which is why the number of departing Mossad members was low.

In the weeks following 9/11, many of the Mossad were reported to have made a lot of money on short sales. You just can't make this stuff up! It is outrageous.

So the Mossad was in on this crime, as was the Bush Administration, and Larry Silverstein and a number of others obviously. This Mossad connection does not deal with the hijackers or the planes, or the passengers. These are other "chapters" in this crime. But suffice it to say that as it related to NYC and the WTC buildings and the Pentagon, the Mossad was instrumental in helping to pull this crime off.



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