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Mysterious Deaths

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There have been some very mysterious deaths over the years which can cause people to wonder whether these were murders or just "normal" deaths of these individuals as presented by the authorities.

Bashthebadguys and many others believe that these deaths are very unususal and should have been more throughly investigated before concluding that they resulted from the causes mentioned.

It would appear that these people were murdered.

Patterns can be seen:

  • Suicide/hangings

  • Car Crashes

  • Heart conditions

Update 2014: A rash of 12 high level banking / stock brokerage personnel SUICIDES have occurred in early 2014. These were all strange suicides with men jumping to their deaths from high rise buildings, etc. These unusual suicides have a direct feeling of professional hits or threats by someone. Infowars has all of these suicides documented. Simply visit the site and search on banker suicides.

Within the table below, the persons listed are in no specific order.

Name of person


Date of death

Official cause of death

Possible reason person was murdered instead

Danny Jowenko, demolition expert


July 2011

Car accident, car ran into tree
See Michael Hastings below for similar accident

Danny was interviewed by Dutch TV and indicated that World Trade Center Blg 7 and Blgs 1 and 2 were brought down by controlled demolition after reviewing the videos of their collapses. He also said that US demolition company personnel would never say similar things publicly or they would be ostracized within the industry. He later died in a mysterious car crash.
Daily Paul
Architects and Engineers

Barry Jennings, Emergency Housing Coordinator


Aug 19 2008

Died mysteriously

Barry Jennings was one of the last persons in Blg 7 and saw/heard explosions and walked over dead bodies in the blg prior to it being brought down. Here is a video summary of the Barry Jennings story.
Better interview video of Barry.
Architects and Engineers

DC Madame Deborah Palfrey

9-11 plus


Was hung in mother's shed

She was ready to expose her DC "johns" in court and then was hung. These included 9-11 hijackers. Police claimed she committed suicide. Her main call girl was also found hung (suicide) after she indicated she would divulge everything about her johns.
Fox News and Infowars

Michael Hastings


June 2013

Strange single vehicle auto crash (similar to Princess Diana and Danny Jowenko accident)

Michael Hastings was an investigative reporter for Rolling Stone and was ready to expose the CIA on a major incident but someone got to him a few days before this data came out. Link

John O'Neill

9-11, Osama

Sept 2001

Died in WTC on 9/11

FBI agent who was put in charge on WTC security right before 9/11. He was "transferred" to WTC because he objected to not being able to properly investigate the Osama Bin Laden. Video

Ted Gunderson



Was poisoned (arsenic)

Ex-FBI sr. manager for the Los Angeles district. Ted was a whistleblower and reported on a whole slew of illegal activities of the FBI and other govt. agencies/groups.
Link on his poisoning

Multiple deaths



Deaths of people who had some possible knowledge of 9-11 events

A fairly complete listing of deaths

The next 2 sections were done by a different author than the one above. They include many of the same people listed above BUT they may have additional supporting documentation.

Multiple deaths Part 2



Deaths of people who had some possible knowledge of 9-11 events

Marvin Bush's maid, General Wherley, 9-11 news helicopter pilot, WTC janitor, re-wiring of WTC Internet cabling on the weekend before 9-11, etc.

Multiple deaths Part 3



Deaths of people who had some possible knowledge of 9-11 events

John O'Neill (FBI), Tim Russert (news person), Bill Cooper (radio talk show)


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