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This section will cover various aspects of the law within New York State and the various local jurisctions within the state.

DA of New York County

The District Attorney of New York County is Cyrus Vance, Jr. I recently wrote to Mr. Vance and inquired about how someone could initiate a case against someone in the state for crimes relating to 9/11 and the various insurance fraud schemes that were implemented for key losses as a result of the attack on the WTC on 9/11/01.

His office did not respond. Based on information obtained on the Internet, it is my understanding that there have been many such requests from citizens to the DA in that county for similar information. None of these have been responded to.

I am certain that the DA and his staff are very busy and I am equally sure they are all well-meaning attorneys. However, they have a sworn responsibility to prosecute criminals who have committed crimes in New York County. The people of that county and beyond have few places to turn to demand that justice be done and for the DA to ignore them is a serious infraction of his sworn responsibility to defend the public. The amount of evidence that is available to the DA is gargantuan and could easily fill their work schedule for many years to come.

At the end of the day, the DA of New York County will be held to account for its failure to investigate the insurance fraud, murders, conspiracy, and other numerous crimes related to 9/11 that were committed in its county.  

Attorney General of New York State

The Attorney General of the State of New York also has a responsibility to investigate crimes and to prosecute the criminals implicated in such crimes.

Here is a partial list of the areas that the AT of NY focuses on. All are important, I am sure. But the crimes that were committed in the State of NY on 9/11/2001 make these all look like child's play in comparison.

As stated about the DA of New York County in this section, the same can be said about the State Attorney General's office. Regardless of who it is and when they decide to take action, this is the highest legal office in New York and it is mandatory that they act to bring justice to the criminals that launched and aided in the WTC attacks.

These involve the following crimes at a minimum:

  • Mass murder

  • Conspiracy

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Insider trading and other SEC violations

  • Disposing of evidence from a capital crime scene

  • Treason

  • and many more...

However, as the clock ticks on, one of the biggest crimes is the failure of our governmental legal authorities to investigate the allegations that have been levied against so many characters and organizations involved in this crime. The Attorney General now becomes part of the crime as opposed to helping us all get justice.

Step up to the plate, Attorney General, we need your help. If you can't, then please step down and move out of the way.

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