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NIST - National Instutute of Science and Technology

Who would have thought that this group would play a major role in the 9/11 attacks? Well, they did one bang up job of lying to the American people about the building collapses on 9/11. The Bad Guys must have had dirty pictures on these guys to get them to falsify the records as mush as they did.

An eighth grade physics student could have told you that Blg 7 fell at near free fall speed after watching the videos of that collapse. The NIST representatives are observed as being evasive about their explanations in a variety of videos.

Either their very livelihood or their lives depended on their bogus analysis. They are criminals as a result of these lies and need to be investigated and prosecuted for conspiracy.

There are much more eloquent analyses of their incompetentness and lying than what I can add here. Do watch the videos in the table, however.  These were bureaucrats that performed this deception, not hard core engineers or scientists. Rumor has it that the complete analysis was never shared between engineers who were working on the project. They were simply given smaller sections to analyze. That way they could not refute the official story as presented by their management.

Boy, the gangsters who put this plan together certainly covered all of the angles, did'nt they? Not exactly, when their story depends on idiots like the NIST management team, the whole thing starts to open up and gets exposed.

Things that they screwed up on:

  • Blg 7 collpase

  • Blgs 1 and 2 collapses

  • Explosions - they did not chek with eye witnesses

  • They did not see molten metal on the site

  • They did not examine for explosives in the metal debris

  • They did not check for accelerants used such as thermite or thermate.

These guys are DIRTY and guilty. We should remind them of the civil and criminal penalties for submitting data for a federal crime investigation involving murder that they know is false.

Watch the Steven Jones video where is destroys the NIST report.

I will bet that the main characters that were involved at NIST during and after 9/11 are now either retired or are dead. For those that remain, however, their continued obstruction of justice in the entire 9/11 matter is criminal.  

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