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Norad - where were you on 9/11?

Wow. the most powerful defense network on the planet and 4 relatively slow aircraft get through ALL of our defenses., Not just one, not 2, not 3, but all 4 planes! What are the odds that could happen to the USA?

The odds are pretty good if you have old Dick C. at the command center telling Norad when to let them come in or to take them out.

We even had a E4B Doomsday Plane flying over the White House that day with more surveilance equipment than you can possibly imagine and they would have been tracking the incoming flight that would later hit the Pentagon (as were countless other military and FAA radar systems).

They were told to stand down and to let it all happen. Why? Because our government set the entire 9/11 event up in the first place. Why would they want Norad to mess things up and take these planes out?

They had well disciplined military peope overseeing the entire event and they followed their orders precisely.

There is a tremendous amount of info available on the Norad drills, and overall confusion that existed on 9/11. Suffice it to say that Dick C. gave the orders from his bunker and the commanders in charge gave the orders (or dis-orders) and nothing happened to thwart the attacks. Norad senior military command is guilty guilty, guilty.

What a comprehensive system the criminals put together to pull this crime off. They must not have done any other work from the time that Bush and his cohorts entered office in January 2001 and 9/11. There are so many details that took time to conceive and then set up. They even managed to screw-up our crack NORAD people. Adolf Hitler and Stalin could never have pulled this type of comprehensive crime off like our guys did. Wow! You have to give them credit for doing a good job.

Don't worry, we will do that right after we prosecute and execute them for the crimes that they committed against the USA and the World.




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