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The National Transportation Safety Board is responsible to investigate all aviation accidents/crashes. When you look at their list of investigations which date back to early in the 20th century, there are no listings for the 4 planes that crashed on 9/11. Is it possible that these "specific" planes did not crash as we were told? Why would the NTSB not list these events in their list of aviation events spanning the last 80-90 years.

It appears that information pertaining to these flights is only available under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

It also appears that the NTSB does not report on military aviation crashes. Maybe that is why the planes that crashed were not listed on the NTSB index at a minimum.

Still the table of air crashes is suspect insomuch as by not even listing that there were any crashes on 9/11 it makes you wonder how many other crashes have not be revealed in this table.

Even the data that is available from the FOIA does not appear to have details concerning the wreckage of the 4 planes. Once again, it appears that the FBI took the lead in inspecting what little wreckage there was. Was the NTSB kept out of this process?

Also, we are told that there was nothing worth listening to by FBI Director Mueller on the Flight Voice Recorders that were recovered (except for the Flight 93 voice recorder which was not released publicly). Isn't that an investigation area that NTSB would be responsible for and not the FBI?

Also, the NTSB had reviewed the Flight Data Recorders and supposedly published their findings (although I am having difficulty finding the data on their site). I am assuming that they have the ability to analyze the serial numbers of these boxes and can verify that they were indeed the actual FDRs from the 4 planes. Surely this would have been one the the things they would have verified. How can we be sure of this?

There is a lot more info that the NTSB owes us on these planes and on their investigation. Stay tuned....



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