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The New World Order. Everyone refers to it and they are painted as the bad guys. NWO seems to be a collection of elites and governments and the United Nations.
NWO purports to want to have a centralized "government" for lack of a better term.
What needs to be done is for someone to list all of the initiatives that the NWO is promoting and then we will clearly see where they are coming from.

The big problem with understanding what they are and who they are is understanding what they stand for. For example, if you believe that the UN is a NWO group, then you simply need to understand what the UN is for.

For example:
  1. North American Union
  2. Trans Pacific Partnership
  3. Trans Atlantic Partnership
  4. Firearms controls
  5. GMO?
  6. Vaccinations
  7. Carbon taxes
  8. UN Police controls over sovereign nations
  9. What else
  10. World currency
  11. World Bank - centralized banking

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