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Obama and Michele

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There are a lot of rumors out there that Obama and his "wife" Michele are not who they say they are at least in terms of being husband and wife in the traditional sense. I know, it sounds crazy. But when you stop and look at some of the evidence you have to walk away scratching your head and wondering whether it is true or not.

Would it be the end of the World if Obama was gay and Michele was a transgender as is rumored? No, but it would be disturbing. Why? Because once again we were lied to. If they lied to us about this, then we can only imagine what else they have lied to us about.

In the table at right are some videos that provide some interesting evidence that Michele is not a normal woman. You judge for yourself.                           

Update March 2015: The two links that I added today that have the most meaning to this situation are the Brother Nathaneal link and especially the Jerome Corsi interview.

I now believe that the "Michele Obama is a transgender argument" is wrong (although, I hold out a 15% chance that this could be true). But the interview with Jerome Corsi goes into some detail about Michele and Obama that I find is the most believeable. Check it out! When Michele says that she is a single mom....during the interview, that speaks volumes. She is, indeed, a single mother living with a gay president. It all makes so much sense now. They are "married" but only for convenience. Those are her children but who knows whose DNA they have. It could be Barack's but if it is, it was artificially inseminated. Yes, I believe there is a 90% chance that Barack is gay but as I said above, the concern is what else aren't they telling us about Barack? Being gay is not the problem, distorting the truth about it and many other things is.  


Update April 2015: There is now serious doubt that Barack is actually the son of Barack Obama Sr. but rather is the son of Frank Marhsall Davis who Baraxk spent a lot of time with in his childhood. Check this link.
If this is true, this is a bombshell, a game changer. It will mean that we have been deceived but on a grand scale with many other people involved other than just Obama.
It is grounds for impeachment and criminal prosecutions of many different people. But will anything come of it? It is hard to say. Will keep you posted.


Update June 2017
Watch our latest video on Barack and his fake family. This says it all

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