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Overview of Bash


Bash the Bad Guys™ is a website that identifies who the really bad actors in our society are. These are the individuals and/or companies that are interested in only furthering their own agendas typically, if not always, at the expense of the rest of society.

Bash the Bad Guys ("Bash"
) will clearly describe what the "Bad Guy" did and and to whom and the probable outcome of their actions. When possible, Bash will also attempt to describe what should happen at this point.

will also identify the "Good Guys" often times these are the people trying to contain or correct the the actions or plans of the Bad Guys.

Please note: The comments made by Bob Basher on this site are simply his opinions and are not necessarily facts. The reader should do his or her own research to verify the authenticity of such opinions.

There are, fortunately, many, many Good Guys out there.  Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is where the Good Guys come in to oppose the Bad Guys. Thankfully, we have Newton to explain that we have the power to push back against the forces of the Bad Guys.  

Note: we use the term "Guys" but in no way are we implying that these bad actors have to be male. They can be female as well. The term "bad guys" has been used throughout history to mean the party that the speaker or writer was describing was the person or other entity that was seen as being the negative force acting on the situation at hand. Bash has not (and will not) try to analyze what percentage of Bad Guys are male or female (although that would be a very interesting analysis!) so suffice it to say, that we consider that all persons are equally capable of being a Bad Guy.

Bash the Bad Guys is owned by Bob Basher, located in Basherville, USA
The picture at right is NOT a picture of Bob Basher but rather, is a picture of a "Bad Guy." Typically, the Bad Guys are ugly and mean looking like this guy which makes it really easy to bash them.

You can reach Bob Basher at this email

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