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Overview of Suspect List

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The Most Likely Suspects table ("MLS") lists the top 52 suspects for the 9/11 crimes. It is, obviously, highly subjective. But it is an interesting place to start nonetheless.

Our 52 suspect candidates are presented in a deck of cards format similar to how the USA Government presented the Sadamn Hussein card set during the 2nd Iraq War.

Your natural thought process would be to place blame on the highest levels of the government typically, but in the MLS, we try to assign the level of guiltiness based on the data as we know it at the time of publishing the list. Of course, a proper investigation into these crimes of the century would be a great place to start when making these allegations but such an investigation has never been satisfactorily conducted nor is it scheduled.

Some of the characters on this list were probably co-opted by the main actors. This is easy to do and probably did occur. Here is an example of how that type of thing can happen.

You are in a car with a "friend", when he pulls into a 7-11 at night and says to you "wait right here", and then he goes inside and robs the place and quickly gets back into the car. He then drives away from the scene with you next to him. You are now both guilty of robbery. Your level of responsibility continues to increase if you do not turn him in and you also help him spend or hide the loot. Plus, you are part of a conspiracy if you engage with him in how to evade capture by the police.

Although some of the characters in the 9-11 Crime could possibly be in this category, in my opinion the primary perpetrator, Dick C., is the one that is the most likely suspect. After Dick got his buddies and associates to "climb aboard", they were in it up to their necks as well (just like the person waiting in the car was as guilty as the robber).

Because I believe that George Bush did not conceive of or execute this plan, but rather was sitting in the seat next to Dick, he only rates a rating of Jack of Spades in this crime. He is guilty as sin, but he was not the mastermind. Bush was a pawn that Dick manipulated much like a ventriloquist handles his dummy for the crowd.

The surprise on George's face when he was in the classroom on 9/11 says it all. He was not aware of what plan Dick had dreamt up to create the "new Pearl Harbor", so when he heard it on 9/11 for the first time, he was surprised and you can see it on his face. But he went along with the plan once it was unveiled. He then went along for the ride with Dick and the others. Bush was a stooge and acted his part very well (except for some of his facial expressions and poor acting).

Others such as Condoleeza Rice could be in a similar situation. She acted like Micky the Dunce in many ways leading up to 9/11 but I surmise that she was being instructed by Dick as to what to do and say as the Osama reports were coming in. People like George and Condoleeza just don't seem to have the down and dirty nature that Dick had and were probably incapable of conceiving of such a dastardly plan. They were "all in" however, once the plan was hatched and they accepted their assignments in furthering the crime.

Paul Wolfowitz? In my opinion, he would have been at Dick's right side during all of this and as a result, is one of the masterminds of the 9/11 Crime.

Please review the commentary that I have added under the various playing card suits (Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds). I still have many blank spots left so mpelase help by gici ng me recommendations for inclusion in the MLS Card Set.

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