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The Pentagon on 9/11

This is one of the more interesting fabrications of the entire 9/11 saga. A plane crashes into the Pentagon and creates a 16' wide hole. Amazing. But the story gets really interesting after you get past this fact.

After watching hours of videos and listening to many hours of presentations by a whole host of people, it is now pretty clear what happened.

Cheney also issued a stand down order, according to Norman Minneta (Secy of Transportation) while in the Presidential Emergency Operating Center (PEOC) resulting in 125 deaths at the Pentagon. The 9/11 Commission struck this testimony from the records. This is critical first hand testimony of the actions of the Acting Commander in Chief (Cheney) prior to the attack on the Pentagon and it was deleted?

Meanwhile Rumsfeld was safe on the other side onf the Pentagon, and all of the records for the $2.6 Trillion loss where in the target zone of the incoming whatever (or pre-positioned exposives).

The last 2 videos tell the story of the Pentagon, and here is a summary:



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This woman from Portland 9/11 truth nails the analysis of what actually happened

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$2.3 Trillion missing from the Pentagon's books on 9/10/2001


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Here is what I believe happened on 9/11 at the Pentagon

First of all, bombs similar (but not nearly as powerful) to those used in WTC 1, 2 and 7 were placed inside the Pentagon. These were strateg
ically placed to blow a hole in the outer wall near the point of "impact" of the plane. Plus, there were bombs in the computers that contained the hard drives and data concerning the $2.6 Trillion dollar "losses" that the Pentagon reported the day before 9-11. These computers were used by the auditors that were investigating the Pentagon losses/expenditures. These computer bombs did not have to be all that large, but they had to be large enough to destroy the computers and the auditors working on them. On 9-11 they worked as planned and the data was destroyed and the auditors were killed. That is a new accounting trick that they just don't teach in our MBA schools.

Additional bombs were placed in the various rings that were in alignment with the outer wall where the initial penetration occurred. This then would make it appear that the plane had penetrated all of these reinforced layers of concrete which was impossible. They made the same size entry hole (16 ft. or so)
as they did exit hole hundreds of feet away in the inner ring. Even a cruise missile could never have done that in this type of construction. The guys who rigged these explosives up must have watched too many movies and did not have a good grasp of what really could happen in such an accident.   

Who placed the bombs in the Pentagon?

This section (where the explosives were placed)
of the Pentagon had been under construction and workmen were all over the place for weeks and months preceding the event. Some of the men on this construction team planted the bombs. These were not normal construction guys. These would have been networking contractors. They would have been there at night possibly when they would not disturb the employees while they were running their "wires" for the network. If you recall, there were network guys re-wiring the WTC in the weeks preceding 9-11 as well. These "workmen" were probably from the same networking company. Identify the companies that were doing the wiring and you have the criminals who wired these buildings for controlled demolition.

Who were they?
These workmen were Mossad/Black Ops personnel with controlled demolition knowledge.

The plane
- there was no plane that hit the Pentagon.

  • What about the video from the parking lot of the so-called plane flying across the lawn?

  • This is not a video of a plane. At best, it is a video of a cruise missile like object because it is smaller than a plane, but there was no cruise missile that hit the building either that day. Nothing hit the building. The bombs did all of the work. That image of a cruise missile (or whatever the video editor pasted in there) was edited in after the fact.

What about the plane parts on the lawn? See Barbara Honegger's explanation below

  • Who could have done that?

  • Well, the FBI was the one that was so quick to gather up all 80+ videos of surrounding cameras after the event (within minutes of the event, in fact). So since they were the ones that gathered and analyzed the videos they must be the responsible party that doctored these images. There is no oher group that could have done this. They did a bad job, though. Why paste an object that does not even look like a plane in to the video? You would only do this if you were a lousy film editor and careless.

  • Furthermore, the FBI stated that these two videos were the only useful videos of the event.

  • Come on! You gotta be kiddin' us, FBI. 80 plus videos and these two lousy doctored videos were the only useful ones?  This FBI team must be the "B" team. You know, the ones that skipped class but graduated anyway.  

  • So, there is absolutely no evidence that a plane hit the Pentagon. In fact, with the work done by Pilots for 9-11 Truth, it is pretty clear that the plane that supposedly flew from Dulles to the Pentagon never hit the Pentagon either. The  flight that was recorded on the "black" box from Flight 77 flew (300 feet) over the top of the blg. This recording could have been recorded earlier as well.  However, since eyewitnesses did report that they saw a plane on 9-11 right before the explosion occurred (although there are different opinions as to the size of the plane), it is highly probable that the plane that flew over was the plane did record the black box data. Keep in mind that it was a day later that they found the black box inside the Pentagon. Hmmmm...

  • Pilots for 9-11 Truth did an excellent job of analyzing the NTSB data concerning Flight 77. The links on the right will take you to their website. I have purchased all of their 9-11 videos and reviewed them. They are very illuminating and I encourage you to view them as well.

Barbara Honegger's Theory -
There is another alternative theory about the Pentagon attack put forth by Barbara Honegger and she raises some excellent points. Videos on her ideas are listed in the 9-11 Useful links page.She mentions a small white plane that approached the heliport area and a military helicopter that had just left the pad destroyed it just as it got near the building. Although I am not sure of this particular info, her explanation has tremendous merit and the smallish plane parts do align themselves more with a business jet size aircraft than they do with a 757. Also, much of the other material she presents is very informative about the damage to the interior of the building. Here is a direct link to Barbara's most important video.

No matter what theory we seriously consider, however, it is clear that no Boeing 757 ever hit the Pentagon as the official story goes. They found no passenger bodies at the scene. Where did the passengers go? Luggage? The damage to the buiding was totally inconsistent with a huge 757 hitting the building.

The real flight that left Dulles airport that day with the so-called Flight 77 passengers ended up going to Cleveland's airport or one of the following Air Force Bases. The Air traffic controllers lost radar contact of the flight that left Dulles that day when the flight entered Ind
iana. See my theory about the Cleveland airport.

  • Wright Paterson - Ohio

  • Maxwell - Georgia

  • Scott - Illinois

Note:  Incredibly, not one of the 300 Dulles International Airport security cameras - positioned at ticket counters, lounges and boarding gates - captured images of the alleged hijackers of AA Flight 77. (That is because they never boarded flight 77). In fact, none of the hijackers were ever on videos anywhere EXCEPT in Portland Maine where 2 were recorded on their flight to Boston. I will bet that our FBI agents gathered all of these airport videos up and magically they have no hijackers on them and they cannot be found any longer. Imagine that?

By the way, none of the hjackers were on any of the flight manifests EXCEPT for the flight from Portland to Boston. Interesting, isn't it?

Summary of the Pentagon Attack

  • It was an inside job.

  • Bombs were pre-positioned to make it look like a plane hit the building.

  • No plane hit the building.

  • At best, Barbara Honegger's theory of a small plane exploding prior to impact is where the parts came from

  • The bombs destroyed the auditors and their data for their investigation into the missing $2.3 Trillion that the Pentagon "lost."

  • They did not need the additional psychological impact of the attack on the Pentagon to rally the American people to go to war, but they needed to destroy all evidence of the missing $2.3 Trillion that they spent. That is why the Pentagon was in this overall "story."

  • None of the Pentagon's or Washington's defensive systems operated that day. That is because they were turned off by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. Plus, if there was a small pane as Barbara explains, it's "friend or foe" system told these defensive missile systems that it was a friend and they should not shoot it down.


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