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Philip Zelikow

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Philip Zelikow - what an impressive character this guy is. He has done quite a bit during his life. All very impressive, except for his criminal role in manipulating the events at the 9/11 Commission.

If you read thru the lines of the story that unfolds about how the 9/11 commission did a very ineffective job, you learn that they were being directed and manipulated by a Bushie (a supporter of George Bush), Philip Zelikow. This is absolutely key in understanding how they messed up so badly.

If you know anything about Congress (Senate and the House of Representatives), our elected officials are normally directed and manipulated by lobbyists, national party leaders, and a variety of other "Bad Guys." They are used to being treated in this manner. Rarely do the lead and stand up for what is right, but rather, they follow the money and do what the money providers want them to do.

In most cases, our polititicans DO NOT write the bills that they enter into Congress with their names on them. They have lobbyists write them instead. That is what our senators and representatives do. They usually do not read the bills but are given "Cliffs Notes" summaries of what the bill says (we are lucky if they even read the Cliffs Notes).

If they are Bad Guys, they (or the lobbyists) usually hide something in the bill normally at the 11th hour when no one is looking. What a proud profession these folks are members of!

So they do not write the bills, nor do not read the bills, and they allow others to direct the outcome of the event. THIS IS HOW OUR CONGRESS WORKS! Believe it or not, we pay them handsomely to do this as well.

So what does this have to do with Philip Zelikow?
It was this environment that enabled him to sleaze his way into the 9/11 Commission and direct and manipulate who the commisson could, would or should interview or obtain testimony from. He intentionally kept witnesses or other key people from ever being able to provide testimony even though they had valuable and pertinent information for the Commission.

Zelikow actually WROTE the 9/11 report (remember what I said above, our congress does not write or read their own bills). Zelikow was the perfect person to write the 9/11 Commission report for Bush/Cheny's benefit.

So while the Commission was being directed by Zelikow, and Zellikow was writing the report, our Commissioners were failing miserably to get to the truth.

  • There is no mention in the 9/11 report of Building 7.

  • There is no mention of explosions in Blgs 1, 2, or 7.

  • etc., etc., etc. There is a lot which is not included in the report.

This means that Philip Zelikow, the actual writer of the report, and the person who directed who the commission could interview or subpoena, is responsible for these ommissions in the report. The others on the Commission more than likely, DID NOT READ the Report (they never did while in congress, why should they start now?). But Zelikow wrote it and he doctored and cherry-picked what went into it.

This is like having the fox both guard the henhouse and also design its security system!

Yes, there is no doubt that when the prosecution of the 9/11 criminals begins, Philip Zelikow will be in the top 10. He is much younger that old Dick Cheney so there is a good chance that justice will catch up with Philip before he dies. Many of us certainly hope so.



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