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Presidential Report Card

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Some time ago I prepared this chart becasue I thought it would be helpful for my readers to see a performance review of our last three presidents. What got me thinking about this was the fact that I had posted a scathing video documentary which reported on Bill Clinton's behavior in the 1980's and 90's and some readers commented on it. Plus, I was already painfully familiar with the performance levels of both George W. Bush and Barack Obama. So I thought, this could be interesting to conduct a manager type review of these three guys.

But then as I created the review, I got mad. The lack of World Class performance by these 3 characters really upset me. The American people deserve better than these kinds of leaders. These 3 presidents should never have been put into office in the first place. If this was the best that our system could accomplish, then we need to change the process by which we select our leaders.

UPDATE 3-9-2017
I added Donald Trump to the chart. With all of the BS info out there about Trump, it is interesting to compare and contrast him with the other three bozos (I mean Presidents) that we have had for the past 24 years. Can you imagine that the country survived with those three guys in office for a quarter of a century?! Just barely. We have more debt that can ever be paid off plus the three of them left a trail of dirt that will take a long tme to wash away from our soils.
Bill ClintonGeorge W BushBarack ObamaDonald Trump
10 is Max. rating

Actual Work Experience 89
Governor with checkered past
Governor, Baseball team owner
Community activist
Successful businessman
Management Experience8108410
Intelligence / IQ89589
Free of prior and/or current substance abuse90
Cocaine and ?
Alcohol and ?
Marijuana and crack
Free of suspicious activities in prior life100
Drugs, drug running, womanizing, murder?
Evaded Viet Nam thru connections
Misrepresents father, birth certificate, children not his, secret gay, wife is tranny
Tough businesman who knows how to work system that Congress created
Free of suspicious activity while in office107
9-11 torture,
Iraq war
Drone war, obamacare, tyrrannic activities
Being incorrectly accused of things, not substantiated
Accuracy of documentation & background concerning past life1056110
Lifestyle rating90
Serious womanizer and abuser rises to level of criminality
Family oriented, religious
Says he is Christian but is a Muslim, liar,
and "wife" Michelle is single mother?
Seems to be normal with no skeletons in closet
Ethical/honest person91319
Hands-on capability89
Most capable in grp
Needs guidance
Limited experience
Personable, gets things done thru others58738
Weighted Score
out of 100 and letter grade
Bill ClintonGeorge W BushBarack ObamaDonald Trump
These scores are interesting. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush end up with essentially the same score. However, both scores are bad. Although they are F grades based on their numerical scores, I was kind and gave them both a D-.

Barack's score is a failing score and he earns an F letter grade.

Although these scores are what they are, they help the reader see the relative comparison between the 3 presidents. So even if the scores themselves are off, the relationship between the scores for the 3 presidents can still be looked at.

But what is disturbing is that Barack is failing and failing bad. He should have been properly vetted prior to running for the presidency but he wasn't. In fact, NONE of the three were properly vetted. Each has skeletons in the closet and if we were hiring managers and interviewed them for the CEO position of a large company, we would have rejected them all based on their questionable backgrounds. Even if some of my assessments are incorrect, Barack has a long way to go to even get even with the other 2 guys and that is nothing to write home about.

We could grade our senators and congressmen and we would be shocked at those grades as well. It turns out that we are being led by losers. In addition to the high level of coruption that they have all engaged in (accepting
illegal re-election funds, political favors, bribes, receiving huge speaking fees in exchange for political favors or promoting certain legislation, etc.), they have failed to perform their sworn duty to represent the people of the USA and to abide by the Constitution.

It is no wonder why when we look around after all of these years from 1992 thru 2015 (23 years) that we find that we have made no major infrastructure improvements in the nation, that economically speaking we have gone backward, that we have had more military mis-adventures than I want to even think about, failed to properly plan for the future's energy needs, and have failed to make a dent in eliminating global warming and slowing down the destruction of the planet. I could go on and on about the failures of our leaders in the Federal government.

Our Congress is completely useless, the president cannot be trusted, and even the Supreme Court is highly suspect of being in the pocket of big corporations. The government has failed and needs to be recalled. Of course, through legal means but recalled, nonetheless.

The question is, therefore, what should we do about this? What would our founding fathers have done about this? We need to figure this out fast because we cannot sustain another wasted 4 - 8 years of mis-management by our political leaders. We are already into the danger zone right now on so many fronts and may not be able to reverse the decline that these bozo's have mis-engineered for us.

UPDATE 3-9-2017
We voted in Donald Trump and the powers to be don't want him to succeed so they are pumping up the masses like a balloon with tainted air. This will be a test of our democracy to see if the presidency can survive these attacks. In my opinion, he is our only hope and we need to see him survive this inappropriate onslaught by the power elite and their minions.  
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