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Sandy Hook Elementary

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It would appear that the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in 2012 was a staged event. There are quite a few unanswered questions that shed doubt on whether or not these shootings ever occurred and whether this was a false flag event designed to thwart the 2nd Amendment giving Americans the right to bear arms.

There are many, many sites on the Web which have raised serious questions about the aftermath of this "event."

Please check the links at right. But browse the Web for more. There are so many angles to this story.

When Halbig met with the school board and raised questions, they treated him with silence. Halbig is one of many that suspect that this was a staged event.

One thing is clear, the children were never seen by their parents after they were "shot".  It seems that since 9-11 no one can ask questions of the authorities and there are never any investigations. No questions and no investigations and everything is sealed by the FBI with no access to the evidence or other data.

Wow, what have we become in this country - sheep? Don't question authority and always accept the official story.

By the way, they tore down the school after this "event."  Can you imagine? They demolished an entire building. Sounds similar to what they did after 9-11 when the took down Blg. 7, doesn't it? Get rid of the evidence.

Many in that town know the truth. There will eventually be a whistleblower that comes forward (if they aren't killed first).

Update Dec. 2014 - an excellent documentary came out which reports on many suspicious issues related to the Sandy Hook incident. It is on the right entitled "We need to talk about Sandy Hook". HIGHLY recommended.

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