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Secy. of War

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I nominate John Kerry, Secy. of State, as the best candidate that we have for the position of Secy. of War.

The US Govt. abolished this position in 1947 after WWII, but John Kerry is a perfect fit for this job. The sound of "Secy. of War" just seems to fit John Kerry. He has done a dreadful job as Secy. of State and has been involved in making war in so many areas of the World that Secy. of War seems to be a better fit for him.

While we are at it, why not abolish the State Department at the same time. They are doing a terrible job of representing this nation in Worldly affairs. Let's shut it down or make them all members of the new Secy. of War's department.

Just tell John that no more Botox treatments are allowed lest he be re-assigned to the FDA where they don't regulate such drugs at all.

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