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Most Likely Suspect Information (why they are on the MLS Card Set list)
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Ace Spades

Dick Cheney

Mastermind or Sponsor or Primary Mover and Shaker - whatever his role was, he was a likely principal of the entire 9/11 event. He is a keystone of the operation and must be cautiously approached in any investigation into 9/11. Just as Building 7 is WTC's smoking gun, Cheney's decision to stand down on intercepting "Flight 77" is his. At a minimum, his decision to stand down resulted in the deaths of over 100 people. Isn't that grounds for a full investigation of Dick Cheney?    

King Spades

Paul Wolfowitz

He had advocated that a new Pearl Harbor event would create an opportunity to begin development of the New World Order. Wolfowitz had to be directly involved in the development of the overall 9/11 plan. He was a key Cheney underling. He ranks high because of his strong affiliation with Cheney.

Queen Spades

Karl Rove

I cannot believe a "smart" guy like Rove would agree to this crazy plan initially but I could see him jumping in once it went down. His interface with Zelikov in coaching him as to what to do with the 9/11 Commission is Rove's smoking gun.

Jack Spades

George W. Bush

George was not an initial principal of the 9/11 event, I am certain. He was too much of a stooge and the Cheney team played him like a fiddle. He was "bought into" the overall plan because it allowed him to both avenge his father for the Iraq war #1 and enabled him to gain a "purpose" as a war president. He was continuously manipulated for the next 8 years by the Republican leadership and members of his own administration. This is why he only rates the rank of Jack.    

Ten Spades

Condoleeza Rice

Not a stooge like George but Condoleeza was naiive. She, too, was manipulated by Cheney and company. She bought into the plan earlier than George but was not an initial planner. She can be triipped up nowadays when confronted by a knowledgeable questioner. She would do poorly in an intense investigation and any worthwhile investigation should target her early on.

Nine Spades


Waiting to assign the right person or group

Eight Spades


Waiting to assign the right person or group

Seven Spades


Waiting to assign the right person or group

Six Spades


Waiting to assign the right person or group

Five Spades


Waiting to assign the right person or group

Four Spades

Michael Chertoff

Played a role in the development of the Homeland Security Administration and the development of the Patriot Act. There is some really scathing info about Chertoff's involvement/blockage of investigations into the Israeli art students (check the Mossad section links). Chertoff is Jewish and he was involved with Giuliani earlier in his career. His involvement in this crime goes deeper than I originally thought. Click on his name at left for more info.

Three Spades

US Senate

Asleep at the switch. No decent investigation of 9/11 was conducted and they then rolled over on Afghanistan and Iraq (plus rendition, Quantanamo Bay, and torture).

Two Spades

US House of Reps

Same as the Senate except they had 4.35 times as many people as the senate that could have pushed for a different direction on 9/11 and the resulting wars.

Ace Hearts

Donald Rumsfeld

Another key Cheney associate, without question a key player in the entire affair. He had everything to gain from helping such an event to happen: the $2.6 Trillion dollars that were missing at the Pentagon the day before 9/11 were never sought again; Rumsfeld wanted to have a war and 9/11 facilitated having two of them. He knowingly allowed Pentagon personnel to be killed by explosions within the Pentagon on 9/11. He, along with Cheney, helped implement the whacko drill schedule that Norad had to contend with on 9/11 which allowed 4 separate aircraft to attack the USA without being intercepted. A 100% success rate for the "enemy." Well done Donald.    

King Hearts

Phillip Zeikow

He was assigned as the head mentor for the 9/11 Commission. He made decisions as to who they would subpoena and interview and who they would not. He also wrote the 9/11 Report. He kept info about key issues such as Building 7 and explosions out of the report. Unexplained molten metal never came up. He was a master of ceremony for the 9/11 Commission and he kept the committee members in the dark. These were criminal acts.

Queen Hearts

John Ashcroft

The Chief Legal Officer for the country either had to know of the Cheney scheme or should have known. He is either a suspect because he indirectly knew about the crimes or worse yet, he was part of the conspiracy.  

Jack Hearts

NORAD Sr. Command

The list of actions that NORAD took or did not take ranks right up there with some of the most stupid or criminal that we have to contend with on 9/11. First of all, who designs a drill sequence that leaves the USA completely defenseless? Who would not have a  backup plan to execute in the event that a 9/11 attack actually occurred during one of these mega drills? Who gives the tactical decision making authority to the VP of the USA during an attack in which "the enemy" has already taken down three planes and 2 large buildings? Why do we need the senior NORAD command structure if Dick is making the tactical decisions? I think a proper investigation would find that NORAD is guilty of conspiracy, negligence, treason, and murder. This is what the largest defense budget in the World buys you? You gotta be kidding!

Ten Hearts

NIST Sr. Mgmt

NIST failed to conduct a legitimate investigation into the building collapses of WTC 1, 2 and 7 and when they have been confronted with the facts they did everything that they could to deceive the American people. Their failure to recognize explosives and molten metal and thermite/thermate at the 9/11 site basically says that they are key members of the conspiracy. Their negeligence in conducting a professional investigation amounts to a criminal action and the NIST team should be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted. The near free fall speed of the collapse of Building 7 is their smoking gun. They ignored the facts and tried to create new ones to support their fictitious analysis. One of the main questions here is how does an agency of the US government agree to knowingly falsify a critical report such as the NIST report? If they were threatened or bribed by someone in the Administration, we need to find out who, what, and how such a thing could occur.
A proper non-govt analysis of these building collapses still needs to be conducted. Without NIST!

Nine Hearts


The NTSB data that is available is nothing like the NIST report, but is unprofessional nonetheless. It is clear that NTSB did not properly examine the crash scenes to inspect the wreckage. If they had, they would have seen plane parts that either were from military drones (WTC 1, 2, and Shanksville and not from commercial airlnes, or were non-existent (Pentagon). We don't see anything from NTSB on this issue however. What about the airplane part that was found lodged between two buildings in April 2013? We never heard what aircraft that came from. I wonder who took possession of the item? FBI, CIA, or other? We will never hear anything about it again. A black hole for hiding the facts. Thanks again, NTSB!

Eight Hearts

9-11 Commission

Boy, did this group let us all down or what?! Reminds us of of the JFK investigation. Well meaning participants? For the most part, yes.. Were they manipulated? Yes, indeed. Did they roll over and fail to properly investiagte the crime? Yes. Enough said.

Seven Hearts

Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Professional politician, sharp. He just exudes a sense of confidence. How did he know ahead of time that his multi-million command center in Blg. 7 should be avoided at all costs during 9/11? When did he find out it would be taken down (or according to Larry Silverstein, "pulled")? He had a role in deciding to remove the steel wreckage and in sending it to China and fast. He had a big career opportunity in security after 9/11. Some career move for an ex-mayor.

Six Hearts

Port Authority of NY/NJ

These guys owned the World Trade Center property. They were responsible for the security company selection, disposal of the debris to China (why China, why not have an amercian company handle this large job, or why not allow the insurance companies and fire investigators inspect the metal and other debris for explosives and other compounds like thermite/thermate?). After all, these were YOUR buildings that came down, aren't you a little curious as to how that happened? Exactly who made these decisions about the debris disposal (timing and ultimate location)? When were these negotiations conducted with the receiving company in China for the disposal, before or after the building collapses? There are many questions for these guys.

Five Hearts

Joint Chiefs of Staff

These guys were awful quiet after 9-11. Their extensive (and most expensive) defense system was neutered and no one lost their job? Not a peep out of this group. Would we ever allow the US government to be overthrown or attacked by an enemy, foreign or domestic? With these type of military leaders in charge, unfortunately yes.

Four Hearts


Waiting to assign the right person or group

Three Hearts

Dist Atty of New York County

This office has jurisdiction over crimes that are committed in NYC. Were these guys "numbed" by the fact that the Feds were "in charge?" So they decided to do nothing? We see this a lot in the 9/11 crimes. The Feds are here so the locals and state authorities back off and allow their big brothers to take control of the crime scene. Still, they have the ability to bring charges for any or all of the many crimes that occurred in NYC on 9/11 and we see absolutely no pulse from these guys. Just one crime, like failing to secure the crime scene and disposing of key evidence! The survivors of the WTC victims need to have someone on their side in this tragedy and the legal authorities of the City, County and State are no where to be found. Their inaction is criminal and they know better.

Two Hearts

Atty General of NY State

Oops, the Feds are in charge so I will just back off. This office as well as the DA for the County of NY have left us all down. The inaction of this office is criminal . The Feds were both committing the crime as well as investigating it? We need the state and the county to step up and investigate 9/11. How about someone other than the perpetrators investigate the crime, would that be OK? The Atty General of NY used to go after Wall Streeters who broke the law, and we were all proud of them. Now we are ashamed of their cowardice on 9/11 crimes.  

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