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The 9-11 Crimes

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9-11 evokes much emotion when you hear it mentioned or see it on the screen. We all can remember where we were when that terrible day occurred. It was our "Pearl Harbor."

We were sad, grief stricken for the victims and their families as well as for the nation. We were mad as well, at the terrorists. How could they have done such a terrible thing to us and to innocent civilians? We wanted revenge. We were really pissed, weren't we?

The entire event was a tremendous shock to our systems, our physical and mental systems, that is. Travel became a tortuous process, new laws and restrictions were being imposed and we seemed to understand. It had to be done.

Bush and the Federal Government wanted war and many people supported them. First Afghanistan and then Iraq. Even though the Iraqis had nothing to do with the attack on 9-11. We were led to believe however, that Sadamn had weapons of mass destruction. The American public was manipulated into thinking that war was the right direction for us, to get revenge and then to crush Sadamn Hussein before he could unleash those weapons of mass destruction.

It would have made a great movie script if only it wasn't a big lie by our government!

It would take time for the independent thinkers and inquisitive people to check into the facts of this case, even though the officials in our own government did not properly check into these facts. What they discovered is that the whole thing was a fabrication by George Bush and his administration. Yes, indeed, they lied about everything.

  • The terrorists.

  • The reason for the collapse of the WTC buildings.

  • The planes that hit the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

  • The collapse of Building 7.

  • The passengers on Flight 93.

  • The toxic environment of lower Manhattan post collapse.

  • Osama Bin Laden's involvement

  • and on and on and on.....

The entire event was one big INSIDE JOB. Many thousands of Americans died on 9-11 and thereafter in the debris fields of New York, on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the murdered passengers on the 4 planes that were kidnapped by our own people (or their paid contractors).

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans were killed as well by the war and as a result of the civil wars that broke out in those two regions.

For what reason did this happen? Oil, money, power and the protection of Israel.

Our government at the time and even now (as a result of failing to identify these crimes and take action to prosecute the guilty) is guilty of high crimes and treason, war crimes, mass murder, and worse. They even coopted various federal government agencies including the US Military, Dept. of Justice, NIST, NTSB, Congress, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc., as well as  created a new agency of Homeland Security to try to reign in control over the American people.

They have worked tediously to re-write the US Constitution to restrict our hard-earned American rights.

The US citizenry is now facing a 1984 Orwellian-like future. All as a result of 9-11 and the crimes that were perpetrated against the American people.

When you stop to consider that this band of criminals did this to our country for their own greedy purposes, it really makes you angry. In fact, we should be much angrier than our forefathers were at the British in 1776. We should be so angry that we put a stop to it and demand that these crimes be properly and thoroughly investigated by a neutral party and that the criminals be brought to justice. Our laws and rights also need to be restored to pre-9/11 levels.

You will see a lot of info on this website about 9-11. However, we are not going to regurgitate all of the facts that are known about this crime. The reader can check into those by watching the countless videos that we have provided links for or they can "google" them on the web and on The info on the links is not perfect but they tell a story. A story of deception by our government.

The Press has also been neutered by the events of 9-11 and by other corporate wrong-doing practices which we will go into in another section of this site. The Press was supposed to be our helper in dealing with this type of thing but they have become spineless and we have had to turn to alternative media sources for help in checking into these issues.

We have lost a lot since 9-11.

  • Our government

  • An independent Press

  • Many of our freedoms and rights

  • Our riches (paying for 2 unneeded wars and the financial crisis)

  • Our soldiers (hundreds of thousands injured and approximately 10,000 dead)

  • and in some cases, our lives

We have to take these things back and prevent them from happening again!

Do what you can to educate yourself about these events and these deceptions. You will be shocked and surprised from what you learn but you will be much worse than that if you do not wake up to what is happening around us.

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