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The so-called terrorists

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The 19 terrorists

These guys were working for the US Govt. and were trained at US Govt facilties.There is much info available on the Internet about these guys. The "terrorists" better watch out, however, because they would make excellent witnesses and the CIA/FBI/MOSSAD/BLACK Ops will kill them if they become a risk.

There were no terrorists on any of the flights. But remember, there were no passengers on any of these flights, either.
Check this link out.

There is no video of the terrorists ever checking bags, going thru security, or boarding. The only video that is available is of two of them boarding in Portand Maine on their way to Boston's Logan airport. But there is none of them actually boarding the 4 planes. Interesting, isn't it?

Ask the FBI what they have for video of the 4 terrorists. They have none.

There is no video of the Dulles Flight 77 terrorists. None of the terrorists are listed on the flight manifests for any of the subject flights.

So, in summary, the so-called terrorists never boarded the 4 flights. They are still alive (unless they have been murdered since 9-11).

If you were a prosecutor in this case, would you feel comfortable charging these guys with the crime of 9-11? I think not.

That is all there is to be said about the so-called terrorists. They did not do it and are not guilty of hijacking these planes.

Now, let's get serious and start to identify the real criminals of 9-11.

Doesn't the FBI look a little guilty for identifying these guys so quickly after 9-11 when there is no evidence that they were involved?

Maybe the FBI should be considered as the terrorists. The actions of the FBI is outrageous. They are the ones that need to be investigated!

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