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TWA Flight 800

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I was reminded of an old story today when I heard that there is a new documentary coming out this week about TWA Flight 800 in the late 1990's in New York. I had forgotten about this accident, I am sorry to say. But as I heard about this new documentary that will reveal that the plane did not have a mishap with an exploding fuel tank, but rather was hit by a US Missile fired from a US Naval ship, I really got mad.

Once again our slippery FBI was involved in hiding the facts about that case as they interviewed all of the eye witnesses and told them that they had not seen anything (when they said they thought it was a missile that hit the plane).

The FBI was out of control then and they are out of control now. It really makes you wonder, were they ever under control and behaving themselves?

There are so many cases now where the FBI has acted illegally, unethically, and treasonously against US citizens. They should be shut down. We do not need this criminal group acting as our most senior policemen. A case needs to be brought against these guys which shows they have done so much that is wrong, that they cannot be allowed to function going forward.

It does not matter that they did or did not make the high level decision to do the things that they did or whether it was a senior administration official that gave them their marching orders.  They themselves did the illegal acts and they must be punished.

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