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You can view the US Debt Clock which show the state of our debt and income on a single screen. It amazingly pulls real data from various government sources and extrapolates the balances based on carefully crafted formulae and shows how these figures change continuously.

Check it out here 

On the screens below, I show Debt Clock images for 2014, 2008, 2000, 1990, and 1980. Look at these charts to see how much debt we have taken on since 1980. Wars, corruption, waste, you name it, our government has mismanaged our money to the point where the US is now effectively bankrupt. Most people are not aware of this but will be soon when the entire system crashes  worst than the 1929 Depression. This crash is coming in the next 6 months it is estimated ( by March 2015)

China is now the leading economy in the World having passed the US. The US Dollar will no longer be the primary currency of the World for many reasons.

The entire Government should be impeached and the Federal Reseve should be shut down as they have systematically robbed us blind.

To easily compare the figures over these years, just pick out 1 number that you are interested in, then scroll down and look at that same figure in prior decades. You will be shocked at the amount of debt the government has taken on IN OUR NAME while they have enricjhed themselves and their cronies. The military industral complex comes to mind as being one of the largest beneficiaries of this period. But the nbanks and many others have made large sums of money which we were all put into an unpayable debt situation.

By the way, they raided all of our Social Security Accounts and spent that money on themselves and projects like wars and other wasteful things. Meanwhile, they complain about Social Security and yet it has become and still is their "piggy bank" that they draw upon.

Bush and Obama have tripled our debt in the past 14 years and Obama now wants us to have some more wars in Syria, Ukraine, probably Africa, and God only knows where else. SAY "NO" to any more escapades in foreign lands. Then throw the bums out of office who got us here. Start wth Obama and then eliminate the Senators and Congressmen who have spent a lifetime in Washington becoming millionaires in the process.

DO NOT re-elect any incumbents in November!

2014 is above

2008 is below

2000 is below

1990 is Below

1980 is below

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