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Vaccination Experiments

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Big Pharma and Government

It has come to light that some of our most vulnerable people (children), were subjected to extremely risky and ultimately deadly experiments by Big Pharma. I am certain that we don't know the whole story or extent of what they did to those children and others over the past 50-100 years.

What we do know is that both the Canadian and Irish Governments allowed and participated in, the improper testing of new vaccines by Big Pharma over many years on children that were living in care homes (Ireland) and on aboriginal children (Canada).

How could these two upstanding countries that we all think of as being gentle nations, be involved in such crimes? Well, it just goes to show that if countries such as these can be manipulated and/or coerced into conducting these types of atrocities, then any country can.

The big question is, how many other testing programs were conducted that we do not know about and how many are being conducted today?

There are many concerns about the large number of vaccines that they require new babies get. There are many reports that children were really messed up from these vaccines. Yet, the Federal Govt doesn't seem to question anything that Big Pharma wants to do. Let's face it, corporate america effectively runs the Federal Government so you cannot trust what you are being told as a result.

One thing is clear that no one should be required to take a vaccine unless they want to. NEW PARENTS need to fully research the effects of these vaccines  BEFORE they allow the medical indiustry to inject them. Some of these vaccines can be extremely dangerous and they are much different than were given in the 1960's -1980's.

There should be full disclosure of all of the side effects and people should be able to "opt out" of certyain vaccines.

Drug companies need to develop safer ways to test and analyze the efficacy of their vaccines. They must not be allowed to force our children to be injected with EXPERIMENTAL or risky vaccines.

What we have seen is unethical, immoral, illegal, and criminal by both the governments involved a well as Big Pharma.
They need to be regulated and also held accountable for past crimes.

Incidentally, if you don't believe the info presented in the links at right, then research the issues yourself. The info is out there if you look for it. Don't depend on the lame-stream press to serve it up for you in a nice pretty newscast. They don't do that anymore.

Undisclosed, secretive medical experimentation needs to end right now!




Aboriginees experimented on and murdered by Govt/Big Pharma
1,000's murdered


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Irish Children experimented on and murdered by Govt/Big Pharma
1,000's murdered


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Flu Vaccine Scandal


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Blacks and Syphilis


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CDC Whistleblower Interview on MMR vaccine problems


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