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Wars on Drugs & Terror

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Whenever you hear the words "War on..." spoken by the US Govt., watch out. The War on Drugs and the War on Terror have been fought for a long time without success. I almost think the words "War On" are code words for certain elements within the government and private industry to gear up and get ready to make a lot of money and to increase their sphere of influence.

The War on Drugs have given birth to a huge network of police and other enforcement agencies that cannot now be shut down. They are a living, breathing entity that needs to be continuously "fed" with new funds and new tasks. They are self perpetuating now. That is why there has been no real progress despite the fact that we have spent billions (maybe even trillions) of dollars on the War on drugs.

We see this same thing happening now with the War on Terror. It is a self perpetuating monster that grows bigger and bigger and more powerful all the time even though the real threat is miniscule. These enforcement personnel now find that they have to look inward at the American People because they have run out of "real" terrorists. So the War on Terrorism must get bigger and grow more powerful and they need to do that so they can spy on regular American citizens. This increased "mission creep" has supplied a huge new market for military style weapons. That then brings in the military industrial complex into each of our small towns and cities of America. 

It has been like Christmas every day for all of these players. The suppliers of the police and military equipment, planes, helicopters, you name it. We have funnelled more money toward these areas than toward much needed infrastructure improvements.

Our politicians - where are they on all of this? Right in the middle! They are getting their palms greased with money coming in from the government tax money that has been collected and then spent with these corporations to provide the weapons and other gear needed to fight the wars on Drugs and Terror. The politicians keep funding the Wars even though their report cards have failing grades. Our one safety net, our government, which could have stopped or prevented this situtaion from occurring, has rolled over and is now in bed with the criminals who are pushing this agenda!

By the way, there is another "extension" to these so-called Wars, it is the Private Prison industry who our goverment outsourced our state prison system to and the Private Prison industry loves to keep prisoners forever working for low wages. The prisoners are more like slaves. Most of the prisoners are in jail as a result of the War on Drugs where they have imprisoned small time users and drug dealers. They have been given lengthy prison terms. So the War on Drugs feeds the Prison industry and the entire scenario is self perpetuating!

Now on top of all that, we find out that the US Govt., has been bringing the drugs into the country. Hard to believe but its true. The CIA has been bringing planeloads of heroin and other drugs in from Afghanistan for years. The Afghan production is at an all-time high because we have helped guard their poppy fields. Afghanistan used to account for less than 10% of the poppy production years ago and now it is over 90%.

I will bet money that Monsanto and other Corporate criminal firms have even helped make these plants more robust and productive through GMO manipulation (God help the poor drug addicts who are using these GMO drugs). That ought to be investigated - Monsanto's involvement in making drug crops more robust. 


This entire issue of War on Drugs and War on Terror and all of the industries they have been responsible for creating the so-called solutions, needs much more analysis. The government involvement combined with Wall Street and Corporate involvement, has created the largest and scariest "reality show" to ever hit the planet. You have oil/energy, drugs, and wars mixed in and you then end up with a cocktail of "filth and corruption." 

At the center of it all is money and greed followed closely by power.

The people of the USA and the World need to push back on these shenaningans by their governments and corporations. It will not be easy because over 75% of the country is "asleep" and is not even aware that these things are going on around them.

Do I smell a revolution coming? We'll see. It doesn't have to be a violent revolution but it could be if the idiots responsible for these events don't change their ways. 

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