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Were they on the planes?

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The planes that hit the buildings had no passengers in them.

How could that be?

They were military drones and not airliners.

Flights 11 and 175 never took off from Boston that day. The passengers were boarded onto onother plane. One plane that carried the passngers of both planes to Cinncinatti OH where the airport had been evacuated due to a bomb scare and this flight landed there and took all of its passengers to the NASA facility for whatever the next step was in the crime. There were 2 planes that landed at Cincinnatti at that time, the other plane was Flight 77 from Washington. This plane disembarked at the FAA facility. Both planes had perfect excuses for disembarking at these abnormal locations because the airport was technically shut down due to a "bomb scare" that morning. Theoretically, no one was in the airport except for "authorized personnel."

A very, very interesting piece of research can be reviewed on the link below which divulges information about issues pertaining to the paseengers and the planes that you probably have not previously heard. Please review it in its entirety.

They never boarded

Flight 77 left Dulles and eventually was lost from radar contact and then magically (some time later), another plane was seen approaching Washington from that vicinity and was believed to be Flight 77. It was not Flight 77 even though it carried a Data Recorder with Flight 77's signature on it.

Dick Cheney then allowed the Air Force to permit that plane to travel all the way back to Washington where it would make a 330 degree sweeping turn that a test pilot would have been proud to have made in a large passenger jet.
That plane, then either launched a cruise missile toward the Pentagon as it approached the building or another plane did as the fake Flight 77 flew at 300 feet over the building (altitude as shown on the Flight Data Recorder that was later "retrieved"). No voice data recorders were ever retrieved from any of the 4 planes interesting enough. This is because drones don't talk and these device would have had no voices on them. Plus, the Flight Data Recorders do not show that the Main cabin doors were ever opened during the entire flight. This is interesting because the hijackers were supposed to have gone through those doors when they initiated the hijacking.

The real Flight 77 was redirected to, you guessed it, Cincinnatti either with its own markings or that of another aircraft.
It is my belief that due to the bomb scare at that airport, the standard Air Traffic Controllers may have been replaced by special controllers and they landed these planes. But even if some or all of the controllers were existing staff, they were instructed to allow the planes to disembark from these alternare locations.

Remember, Cincinnatti was shut down due to a bomb scare (how convenient) and was completely evacuated. It was probably very chaotic. Plus, everyone knew at this point that the US was seemingly under attack. Can you imagine the level of stress and possible panic that must have ensued. What a great diversion for the 9/11 crime to have unfolded during.

Check these links out.

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TV broadcast of Flight 93 landing

A few years ago (2007-8) I had personally called the newspaper reporter that originally wrote the article about flight 93 landing in Cincinatti and she told me she was mistaken and that the plane's passenger list was a group of Nasa engineers from Houston. She had retracted her story. Interesting.

So what happened to the passengers after they were removed from the 2 planes? We just do not know. They could have been subjected to poison gas while on the plane. They could have disembarked from the plane and gone into the hanger where they were murdered in some fashion. We just do not know. But they certainly did not die in New York, Pennsylvania, or at the Pentagon. The unavailbility of more data about how or where they died should not prevent us from digging further into this crime. But, this is one answer as to where they may have gone. They certainly were not found at the crash sites.

The phone calls that were made were proven to have been faked so do not conclude that the fact that phone calls were made proves anything.

Who could have disposed of the passengers? Could it be our very own FBI, CIA, or outsourced black ops team? How about the Mossad? Chances are that the criminal masterminds that conceived of this part of the crime wanted a cold blooded team that doesn't typically fail in their mission.

We know the FBI acts like a bunch of keystone cops often times so they are out. The CIA, well maybe. Mossad, a definite maybe since their hands are already dirty with the wiring of the WTC buildings, and very, very possibly, a outsourced black ops team that would eventually pick up all the highly lucrative contracts for the security teams which would later be needed in Afghanistan and Iraq. My money is on the outsourced team of cutthroats. We all know how Dick and Rumsfeld liked to outsource everything. Plus outsourcing kept them far away from the action.

In fact many of these details, could have been conceived by an outsourced team overall. We tend to hang a lot of these details around Dick and company but chances are they were the ones that conceived of it in general and then used a master outsourced team that filled in the blanks and either had the masterminds' full approval of the plan or their buy-in at a lower level of detail. This would enable them to deny the program in the event the system collapsed.

It is interesting that Bush and Cheney would not testify under oath when they spoke to the 9/11 commission. Why in the World would our senior elected officials not want to testify under oath about these events?

Put yourself in a similar example: your neigbor is shot dead and you had nothing to do with it but the police want to question you to get your side of the story (and you are not a suspect because a man was clearly seen running from your neighbor's house). You say to the police that you will not testify under oath but you will agree to meet in private with them and that no notes can be taken during the meeting. Plus you want to make sure that both you and your wife must sit through the session together, not separately.

That would be a little odd, don't you agree?

Well that is exactly what Bush and Cheney did. A little odd for our two highest officials that had nothing to do with 9/11 or so they say.

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